The wait is over (hopefully)

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by afghanman, Aug 17, 2008.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Remember this image from 2004. Its iconic; up there with Andy Warhol's Campbell Soup tin portrait and others.

    Now that the 2008 rowing competition is under way, can we expect some similar shots from Beijing??
  2. Blimey! We can but hope eh and as it's my birthday they'd bloody better!
  3. Maybe they should award Gold/Silver/Bronze for the best cameltoe display? Swimming events would be good too :wink:
  4. The womens 47kg weight lifting had a good display of camels feet.....Snatch was good as well..........yes I know!!!
  5. The one on the right would get the cameltoe Gold from me; nice & symmetrical, with flaps arranged equidistantly on each side. The other one's a bit lop-sided :wink:
  6. Is wearing nickers considered cheating? Does it affect performance?

    Maybe the one on the left is a bloke??
  7. :D Now this is a cameltoe

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  8. :D Now this is a cameltoe

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  9. D_D,
    Indeed a most impressive example of the Mons Venus. Wonder if she'd had collagen injections to pump it up a bit, or had it stung by a swarm of angry bees? :)
  10. Who gives a fcuk. She could suck your balls whilst you feed her your seed. Result!
  11. That's why it's called a Winking Frog :wink:
  12. Well, the agony and ecstasy of the Olympic rowing is done. Coxless Four was awesome, Lightweight Double Sculls made history in a wonderful way. The brace of silvers may have been a disappointment but expectations may have been too high - their performance was fantastic too.

    The contribution made by the Services was significant - an RN Officer in the gold medal four and two Army officers in the eight. Though at least two have declared their intent to return to the fold post-Beijing, they have all taken lengthy "career breaks" to fulfil the intense training and preparation.

    I joined the Army (as a soldier), having already established clear credentials as a national level rower, and having already been selected for the club that would provide the national crews for the years to come. Was their a career break in the offing? .. No. Some time off to attend training and competitions? How about transport to get me to the river?....No. Oh well, another aspiration down the pan.

    The achievement of these guys is truly Olympian - and all power to them, but as the MOD PR machine swings into action to vaunt the Services' role in this campaign, I would add "it was not always this way".
  13. Yeah, yeah, yeah, blah, blah, blah. We need you to use your inside info and connections to leak some cameltoe pics from 2008. Have you got someone on the inside???
  14. WTF has this got to do with cameltoes? It's the Naafi bar not Sports etc. Flaps not medals!

  15. Thin out Lofty the bitterness tent is next to the "its all so unfair" area, unless your posts are accompanied by damp lycra clad foo foo wriggling to get out and sniff the polluted beijing air

    Personal I'm all in favour of those showers the birds have after they've finished a dive, lovely nips on show