The Wah - can it be saved?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by skintboymike, Nov 1, 2008.

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  1. Over the course of the past few years we've had some crackers, such as this effort from wedge35;

    However, we seem to have hit a wall;

    The Wah has been a highlight of ARRSE for years, but we seem to be a bit too Wah-wary these days, so much so that anything even remotely daft is being wrongly called as a Wah. This is especially prevalent with new members. It also seems that we're running out of material, the 'chav txt spk cadet/walt' angle has been done to absolute death.

    Are they happening too often? Or are they just too obvious? What can we do to make the Wah funny and believable again?
  2. Skintboymike...

    This is a wah aint it? :D
  3. no, you see mine :D

    or is that a crap wah too?
  4. There is a lack of WAH craftsmen these days, When I were a lad a WAH could be honed and perfected by a bored squaddie over days or even weeks of stagging on in some shithole. Those days are gone and we are left with the remnants of a once fine craft. I blame Gordon Brown.
  5. All aboard the bus!
  6. If I'm being brutally honest, I'm convinced that billy.winky is one big Wah. If it is, my faith in the art will be restored. If it's eventually proven that he's a real person, I'm going to have to turn up my abuse-o-meter. ;)
  7. What are you babbling about?
  8. is that a wah?
  9. This I have to admit is a finely crafted wah.

  10. A definition would help;

    Wah = convincingly affecting arrogant stupidity or a misunderstanding on some matter of fact in order to in fact uncover the stupidity or gullibility of the other.

    Example - While driving singing along to your favourite heavy metal popular music "track", enthusiastically muttering "...the eight of spades, the eight of spades".

    Friend stupidly offer, with a disbelieving look, "It's the ace of spades, you dick".

    Wait two beats, your face in his, "Wahhhh".

    Okay, it's not Dr Johnson..........
  11. billy.winky is Baron Castleshortt
  12. Why have I been called a "wah" before!? Was it because I mentioned "cadets" once?
  13. Not keen on Wah's myself. Kinda destroys honest communication. Having said that, some are bloody funny.