The Vulcan Bomber

Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by chasndave, Jun 20, 2010.

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  1. On "The Military History Channel" just now, an hour long documentary about Vulcans. I saw one of these beasts at an airshow when I was about 13 and never forgot the noise.

    Getting to fly / work on a toy like that; jammy old b*****ds.............
  2. Take a trip to Newark, they got one you can climb about in there
  3. Saw the one at Leuchars last year. Just jaw dropping
  4. Quite a few around the country, RAF Museum at Hendon, RAF Museum at Cosford, IWM Duxford, and one remaining at RAF Waddington (although its within the airfield perimeter fence)as well as the one mentioned at Newark above.The flying one is based at Bruntingthorpe, not sure how close you can get to that one.

    They were an awesome sight to see when they flew, remember family postings at Scampton and Akrotiri during the '60s and '70s and was lucky enough to watch the last one flying over my garden on its final flight as an RAF aircraft. I well remember watching one doing the bombing run at the range off Episkopi, certainly an impressive sight to see 21 X 1000lb bombs being dropped into the sea. Nothing like the sound of the Quick Reaction taking off from Scampton during the cold war practises.....
  5. Watching footage of the 4-ships; there just wasn't enough in the way of black smoke coming out of the back of those things!!!

    RR Olympus engines, if I'm not sounding like too much of a sad spotter.....????
  6. Latest news looks to be that XH558, the last flyable Vulcan, may be airworthy again in time for RIAT at Fairford this year.
  7. At the time of living in Scampton, in the '60s there wasnt a single window in the house that didnt have vibration cracks in them, the noise from those Olympus engines was so loud.

    I well remember the day one of the Vulcans ventured off the runway, following a crash landing, into the car park of the control tower!
  8. The Vulcan Bomber was involved in the biggest willy waving exercise ever at the start of the Falklands conflict.

    Operation Black Buck

    Who could imagine a woman (Thatcher) could have a willy that stretched 8,000 nautical miles :?
  9. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    One on the runway and seventeen in the peat if I remember rightly.

    But a very impressive aircraft - I saw Roly Falk slow roll one at Farnborough in the 1950s.
  10. Is it rude of me to laugh at the doddering old nav being hung up from a forklift to test the new harnesses?

    It's all a bit Camp Breadbasket, is it not...???

    PS Dave Thomas taught me, years ago! Bloody hell!
  11. Late 80s XH 558 spent a short spell at Scampton during Waddos runway repair. Fortunately I got to look around the jet and took quite a few piccies that are posted on

    This the only remaing Vulcan that did all the roles that the Vulcan ever carried out, bomber, maritime recce, and AAR. It was fitted out for the Thunderbolt with strengthened mains spars, which is why it's in such good nick and has so many airframe hours left.

    Tin Triangles :D forever.
  12. Many years ago when I was walking the Eildon Hills with my then young son we saw two . We were actually higher than the aircraft … it was an incredible sight to see them majestically flying across our line of walking and then the sound as they started to move away from us was deafening .
  13. Cheers Driligaf

    Some of those shots are absolutely outstanding. They sure don't build them like that any more....!!!!
  14. It was a dreadful machine, obsolete pretty much as soon as it entered sevice. Not the least objectionable part of its legacy was the effect it (and the other Vs) had on the wider RAF and on rear crew training in particular - even the term 'rear crew' is a symptom. Sit at the arrse end and fly backwards - they even designed the Dominie around the concept as a mini V. Vile machines. A first posting to Vs was regarded as a fate worse than death by my contemporaries.
  15. About a 150,000 tons of fuel with about A2A 11 refuelings. On the 2nd run the bombs weren't armed. What was wrong with using Sea Harriers or GR3's?