The volunteers under fire on Afghan front line

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by singha61, Nov 26, 2009.

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  1. From The BBC
    For six months they patrolled the desert around Camp Bastion, protected bomb disposal teams and assisted medics evacuating seriously injured soldiers.

    Now, members of an infantry company made up entirely of Territorial Army soldiers have received Afghanistan campaign medals from their colonel-in-chief, the Prince of Wales.

    Around 80 soldiers from Normandy Company of 4th Battalion The Mercian Regiment were honoured for their role in Helmand province.

    It was a gruelling six months but their commanding officer, Maj Chris Carter, said they had been able to draw on their "remarkable" experience.

    "For half of my company they were on their second or more operational tour - those with more experience helped those with a bit less."

    The soldiers, whose civilian jobs range from postmen to teachers, also helped reopen a school in the Basharan area, which had closed after the Taliban killed the principal.
  2. Not being funny but:


    Nearly every soldier, regular and TA have conducted a tour of Helmand now.

    It's not a big deal any more.
  3. Is it because they have deployed as a company rather than being attached to regular units?
  4. I'm sure it is to those who have done it for the first time.
  5. I've no doubt it is but should we start a congratulations thread for every bloke/unit who conducts his/their first tour?
  6. Why not? We have a congrats thread every time a TA basic training course finishes.
  7. Don't be churlish. We should have one for every time a recruit gets his beret sorted out.
  8. Will be a short congrats thread, some shocking beret shaping skills out there ;)
  9. We do! Hurrah. :party:
  10. Fair one. I'm on my third Helmand tour in 9 weeks time. Think i'll start a thread for some attention and gratitude. You cunts better show me some! :D
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    You'll get biffed, I've heard you've booked your slot on the jack wagon
  12. I have! They're getting pissed off with me as this will be the third time i've 'gone over on me ankle'. :D
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    Dunno how you go over on them ankles, they look like your legs are on upside down you fat fcuk :D
  14. You do seem to spend a lot of time trolling the TA forum...

  15. He could be a TA walt wannabe!