The Volunteer Corps of Frontiersmen

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by aces0187, Jul 7, 2009.

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  1. "The VCF is so like the the LoF that frankly (if a kindly mod is passing) this thread should be merged with the LoF one.

    Aces is a plant in more ways than one - if so learned and sure about the VCF why ask bone questions on a website pretty much in open agreement that the LoF is abhorrent and beneath its dignity?

    The VCF would appear to be stealing British Army rank, insignia, and uniform like the LoF. However, more worryingly, the VCF would appear to have an active 'cadet' unit.

    Given the LoF's VERY bad record on the treatment of minors, is the VCF better or worse? Are all staff appropriately trained and vetted? What is the stated role and remit of the VCF? Where is it registered? In whose good name does it trade and recruit? "

    my reply to the above

    Yes we do have an active 'cadet' unit within our band section all of the 'cadets' are family members of the adult band members when we start recruiting fully all adult instructors will be CRB checked. Most of the instructors we have are eaither ex forces or still serving members of her majestys fine service, of which i once was joining until medicaly discharged in the last stages of selection.
    Are main aim is to take the kids of the streets and give them something other to do than steal, fight and get themself ASBO's we will be teaching them map reading, field craft, self disipline and all other aspects of militry life EXECPT WEAPON HANDLING.

    Are main goal is to serve the local communitys, and local services in any way we can in any time of need.

    We are not here to cause problems.
    Yes we did split from the LOF because they have no plans or meaning, we do not inspire to be anything like them and never will.
  2. The LOF only split up with the Boy Scouts because Peacock turned up at Gillwell park with a Gatling gun in about 1911

  3. Just as well you are not involved in literacy programmes for your 'cadets' :roll: As for being medically discharged before getting anywhere near Phase 1 trg, that is something I would not exactly want to advertise on a site like this :)
  4. yes i surpose it is good that i am not involved in that aspect of training, but i have no shame in being medicaly discharged, because not long after i met my wife so all good things happen for a reason.
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Where can I get one of those natty uniforms with all the bling on? Who do I kill?

    er, having just read one of the paedias (see wot I did there), do I really have to fondle bottoms to gain membership?
  7. So at least you mastered "camouflage" eh?
  8. This country has well established Cadet Forces; the ACF, the ATC, The Sea Cadets and the CCF.

    If you truly wanted the best for your off spring, why wouldn't you steer them in this direction where they could earn awards that are accepted by employers as NVQ's and GCSE's as well as doing good work for the community?

    Because you prefer to indoctrinate your children into the Volunteer Corps of Fruitloops.
  9. what the feck is this all about and can I join?

    do I get a gun?

    can I bugger young boys?
  10. Yes we do have some fine cadet forces, but they are age limited.

    no you cannot join with the mind to bugger young boys or get a gun
  11. 12 - 18 ... FFS at what age do you think a child is sufficiently developed that they might be able to fully understand military skills?

    Or do you follow the doctrine of some African countries where a child with sufficient dope inside them is a soldier?
  12. This sound like a load of peado BS to me

    What is it for
    What is the aim
    What kind of training are they giving
    What kind of Qual.s do they have

    And why do you want to play with children
  13. Can the LOF and all it's chums please just fcuk off at the high port. You only exist in some dream world where there’s still an empire, silly hats fashionable, and you really think you can help out in a disaster.
    The LOF (insert splitter group here) just go way and die please. Go join the ACF and do everything you want to and a bit more, with respect and dignity.....................

    Fcuking chumps...
  14. all is welcome within the VCF ages 10 - 110

    As i have stated prior when we start recruting all instructors will be CRB check there is no PEDO BS as stated by some members
  15. So whats the point