The voices in my head.

No I'm not talking about the voices which tell me to kill again or next doors Jack Russell who tells me to nail my k n o b to a tree and fillet the postman with plastic airline cutlery. I mean you lot . I have taken the liberty of pre-assigning some voices to user names and these are listed below , but who would you wan't to voice your part in my head? Or shall I just make you all sound like the cast of Eastenders?

Voices So Far:
Good/Bad CO : God from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail"
Lord Flash: Every Rik Mayall character ever, but mostly Alan B'stard
BBC : Jennifer Saunders (as Edina Monsoon)
Dale :Joanna Lumley (as Patsy Sloane)
MDN : Nigel Mansell
RTFQ: Charles Phillip Arthur George Mounbatten Windsor.
Anya: Jane Horrocks (as Bubble)

All your voices are in here, the Jack Russell says so.
whats wrong with hearing voices in your head?? :?

honestly, people talk as if mental illness was a BAD thing. :cry:

oi! your never lonely with schizophrenia. haha. :wink:
When does the Christian Psychiatrist decide that you are not crazy?

When you tell him that that the voice in your head belongs to JESUS :twisted:
I'll play Cat...

VEG - John Thaw
RTFQ - Leslie Phillips
DARTH - Edward Fox
CUTAWAY - Ray Winston
UGLY - Bernard Miles
T6 - John Wayne
NEO- Elmer Fudge
BISCUITS AB - Michael Caine
Funny I had Yank60 down as the leader of The Good Ol' Boys from the Blues Brothers.
Herrenbloke said:
TankiesYank - Jessica Rabbit...
No, no, no. Roxy Girl is Jessica Rabbit.
Like it, although Cutaway is more like... oh John Candy
Now i had Officers Bird down as Jessica Rabbit
And biscuits_AB as Jerry Springer!
Private_Pike said:
Funny I had Yank60 down as the leader of The Good Ol' Boys from the Blues Brothers.
At least you didn't pick this guy:

Private Pike: I'm not sure, but I'm getting an Anthony Hopkins "you're nothing but poor white trash, Clarice" vibe.

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