The voices in my head.

No I'm not talking about the voices which tell me to kill again or next doors Jack Russell who tells me to nail my k n o b to a tree and fillet the postman with plastic airline cutlery. I mean you lot . I have taken the liberty of pre-assigning some voices to user names and these are listed below , but who would you wan't to voice your part in my head? Or shall I just make you all sound like the cast of Eastenders?

Voices So Far:
Good/Bad CO : God from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail"
Lord Flash: Every Rik Mayall character ever, but mostly Alan B'stard
BBC : Jennifer Saunders (as Edina Monsoon)
Dale :Joanna Lumley (as Patsy Sloane)
MDN : Nigel Mansell
RTFQ: Charles Phillip Arthur George Mounbatten Windsor.
Anya: Jane Horrocks (as Bubble)

All your voices are in here, the Jack Russell says so.
What the fcuk are you going on about.

Im P1ssed so it could just be me. But are you typing random sh1te? If so... Result!
whats wrong with hearing voices in your head?? :?

honestly, people talk as if mental illness was a BAD thing. :cry:

oi! your never lonely with schizophrenia. haha. :wink:
When does the Christian Psychiatrist decide that you are not crazy?

When you tell him that that the voice in your head belongs to JESUS :twisted:
I'll play Cat...

VEG - John Thaw
RTFQ - Leslie Phillips
DARTH - Edward Fox
CUTAWAY - Ray Winston
UGLY - Bernard Miles
T6 - John Wayne
NEO- Elmer Fudge
BISCUITS AB - Michael Caine


Pikey, thank heaven for that, thought you were gonna say Ross Kemp!
Flashy- Alan Rickman (Snape)
Biscuits- Gary Oldman (as Sid Vicious)
Anya- Lulu
Guru- Rowan Atkinson :twisted:
Yank60- David Letterman
Funny I had Yank60 down as the leader of The Good Ol' Boys from the Blues Brothers.
Herrenbloke said:
TankiesYank - Jessica Rabbit...
No, no, no. Roxy Girl is Jessica Rabbit.
Like it, although Cutaway is more like... oh John Candy
Now i had Officers Bird down as Jessica Rabbit
And biscuits_AB as Jerry Springer!
Private_Pike said:
Funny I had Yank60 down as the leader of The Good Ol' Boys from the Blues Brothers.
At least you didn't pick this guy:

Private Pike: I'm not sure, but I'm getting an Anthony Hopkins "you're nothing but poor white trash, Clarice" vibe.

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