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The Voice on my tv...I feel tainted...

Mooching online, I heard a screeching, the likes of which I've never heard before....

Apparently it was the 'judges' on 'The Voice'.

As I appear to have lost the remote control, I tolerated 30 seconds before hitting 'off'...

Tom Jones...not the best, even in his highlight.

That bloke from The Script...dancing around like Billy No Mates

Jessie J...wigger worse than the wiggerest wigger Eminem

Will.I.Am...who can't even spell his own name...

Brings me to thinking about the damage done to 10 year old Demon...and my Saturday night options...

Best Saturday TV programme in history? I need to know...so I can fkin Google it and watch something that won't destroy a) my sanity and b) my faith in humankind..
They did a film didn't they? Made me cry with laughter, might just have to google and see if I can find it. I love Tommy Cooper too, he's on my list. I can't believe the shite they put on tv as 'talent' nowadays, I feel I've turned into my gran!


failing that Babestation, whom I reported to BBC watchdog for flagrant miss selling no babes on there!
Never mind. It'll soon be over - only to be followed by ballroom dancing, ice skating and ultimately... yet another series of The Voice ad infinitum et nauseum. Top tip: Turn the fucking box off and go down the pub.


will1am on the voice annoys me, but I remember that in 30 yrs when he becomes obscure he be known on hospital radio as Bill at 1 am,

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