The vileness of the Grauniadista mindset exposed

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stoatman, Oct 8, 2009.

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  1. ... conveniently in today's Grauniad for all to see.

    They have a, frankly, vile supplement today, with such intellectually rigourous pieces as "could you hug a Tory" (which revels in the physical disgust that a particular writer feels for Conservatives... nice!), "what makes Tories tick" and so on. We learn that, perhaps, the Tory mindset is a desire to do unto the country what even the meekest of schoolgirls did to said Tory at school, but they definitely don't believe anything and are just eeeeeeeeeeevil.

    it never crosses the writers' minds that, perhaps, Tories also want what's best for the country and think that the Labour method of raping the wealth producers to subsidise inefficiency and idleness for the purpose of ensuring the votes of the inefficient and idle is, in fact, cracked and has a 100% success rate in breaking the train set.

    This supplement (which ranks alongside one I saw back in 2001 about Robert Mugabe's socialist nirvana) says rather more about the nastiness and downright vileness of the people who write it rather than their intended targets.

    Read it, and then remind me who the "nasty" party are again?

    Anyone else see it? (And don't think for a minute that I paid money for it...)
  2. That's rich. How many million in Zimbabwe dollars did the supplement cost in '01, and how many trillion Zimbabwe dollars does it cost now?

    Of course, they want everyone to live in a 3rd world shitehole....then we'll all be equal!
  3. I have little doubt they will galvanise their readership come General Election and, voting as one voice, will allow Labour to contorl the parish council of Much Markle. I wouldn't worry too much, Liarbour are on the way out and this smacks of desperation. Once the personal insults come out, it's pretty much all over.....
  4. My thoughts entirely. What's the Guardian circulation anyway? 2%?

    Also, remember who their paymasters are -- due to their exceptionally low circulation, the only thing that keeps the Guardian afloat is the "society" supplement on a Wednesday which contains all the public-sector non-jobs.

    This makes the Guardian de facto publicly funded, and are probably bricking themselves that the Conservative government will realise that it can save an absolute mint by mandating centralised public-sector job advertising via a website, or at the very least will ask why all public-sector job advertising is being done at great expense in a rag with such a desperately low circulation and will insist on spreading the love around a bit, e.g. to The Times and the Torygraph.

    This supplement also brings out an interesting contrast: Conservatives/Tories consider lefties to be at best misguided and at worst covetous; lefties consider conservative/Tories to be evil, full stop.
  5. Gosh, not only are you Very Upset, but you've clearly not heard the ( cringeworthy ) phrase, "hug a hoodie".

    I suggest you write a strongly-worded letter to your MP, in green ink.
  6. It The Guardian.What else do you expect? It's only ever read by wooly minded,sandal wearing,tofu knitters.

  7. And diversity advisors, don't forget the diversity advisors.
  8. How can we forget them?
    They won't shut up for long enough.
  9. I used to reassure myself that had the revolution Guardian columnists desired actually happened, they would have been first up against the wall. It still warms nostalgic cockles when I think about it...
  10. Would you hug a labour party politician then?
  11. Apparently that is exactly what they're planning.
  12. Yes. With both arms. Around their neck. Very, very, very tightly. Until they stopped kicking.
  13. this wasn't the question... it wasn't about hugging Tory politicians, but ordinary Conservative-thinking people.

    But to answer your question, I would hug one in the same way I would hug any stranger, and would keep firm control over my wallet.
  14. good stuff!
  15. Is it advisors or advisers, I never know which one?....either one they are a bunch of cvnts :x