The Victoria Cross: For Valour w/ Jeremy Clarkson on Youtube

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Sophia, Apr 26, 2007.

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  1. There's a complete copy of Jeremy Clarkson's VC documentary on Youtube.

    Part 1 -
    Part 2 -
    Part 3 -
    Part 4 -
    Part 5 -
    Part 6 -
    Part 7 -

    Highly recommended if you haven't seen it. It mainly focuses on Major Robert Cain VC but also addresses the creation and value of the medal, the character of a recipient and the burden of living with the honour. There are some humbling interviews with living VC holders.
  2. Have just finished watching all seven episodes, totally enthralled and has left me with tears in my eyes.

    I would strongly urge anyone to watch this.
  3. Courage that showed no bounds.

    Totally dumbstruck by the tales of daring and sacrifice, “he felt something sticky running down his face, and realised he’d fired so many rounds that he’d burst his eardrum”.

    Words fail me.

    Clarkson delivered this programme with a hint of awe in his voice all the way through. His final piece to camera where he revealed his relationship with Major Cain, was so moving…I feel it was a one shot deal.
  4. Sophia, thank you for the link; I managed to watch some of the programme when it had been originally aired but never in its entirety. Much appreciated.

    Watching the holders of the VC in the programme and hearing their stories makes one feel very humble indeed.
  5. JC is mint, he should run for PM!!!

    A very nearly perfect presenter to a program that shows the rather pedestrian adage, from the case of Hamburger Hill, is true.

    "War at its worst. Men at their Best."
  6. Cheers Sophia - top link!

    Awesome story...
  7. Thanks, Sophia! Excellent post/topic.

    JC is really first-class at this kind of thing, showing himself to be a very considerable presenter/journalist.

    Wonderful men - immensely humbling.
  8. I missed the programme the first time round. Thank you so much for putting it on the machine. What an incredible story. JC really was the right man to do it. He always takes the urine out of people so when he is being serious it really packs a punch.

    That was really very very good.
  9. Enjoyed it so much I watched it twice! Many thanks.
  10. Another JC understatement there :D

    What is more amazing, but pretty much in line with those who have won the VC, is that the mans daughter (later revealed as JCs wife) never knew of her fathers actions until after he died.
  11. I thank you for the above, i was one of the researchers for the Programme, spoke to his daughter a few times, nice woman, JC well is the same off screen as on, Daughter read for the first time the full actions of her Father in my book.

    Some stuff never made the Programme about him, he certainly did a lot more than the Programme said, one thing though he didnt do was fire the PIAT from the hip,dont know were that came from.
  12. I'm so glad you posted this, björn! That's exactly what I did, too. A fascinating and highly informative examination of the medal itself and its courageous recipients. I really enjoyed it and would like to thank Sophia for posting it in the first place.

  13. Incredible story of Maj. Cain's actions, i knew nothing of this before and am extremely humbled by all of the stories mentioned in the programme, inspired even.
    A very good programme, written by JC as well, and well worth the license fee.

    Thanks for posting the link, i missed it when it was on the goggle-box.
  14. Thanks sophia , thats my evenings viewing sorted , I shall enjoy it with a few large JD & Cokes.

  15. great,,,moved me .