The Via Dolorosa & Why do they titter tho, Thentwerion?

Samsung443, arrived, made three posts. Got them all deleted.

Personally I thought that removed by PTP , sorry FAS , but he's not getting any help, even by accident was actually worth 4 minutes of my life, only on the basis that we were then going to get the chance to treat him to the reception that ChrisJohn316 got.

The Mods are the Mods, and it well above my pay-scale to me to suggest that they should not act as they do, but I'm interested to know why this one disappeared so quickly. Targets that fall before they’re hit just seems to take the fun out of it...
I think its to do with the fact that the same person has been on in various guises and caused nothing but offence. As soon as the MOD's recognise his ISP he's a goner
Fas, your post edited by me. Not because you've done anything wrong, I understand you were reporting the link in question ,but because we're not going to support spam.

If he had posted once, in Charities and Welfare then it may well have stood. However, repeatedly posting the link across multiple forums is spamming.

Creating a new login , and doing the same thing over again, is blatant spamming.

DS has it right.


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