The Vets

Three dogs were lying on the floor of the vet’s office waiting to see the vet.

The First dog said "can you believe it all I did was growl at my master and show my teeth after he had me running around like a fool chasing sticks and now he’s going to get me put down"

The second dog says "it’s the same with me I was sitting in front of the fire when the kids came home from school...they were all over me pulling my tail and jumping on me all I did was growl and show my teeth and now its the needle for me as well".

"How about you" they asked the third dog....
He replied “well I was wrapped around the toilet keeping cool when the mistress got out of the shower; she bent over to dry her legs
And I thought mmmmm I'm going to have some of that, let me tell you it was out of this world the best I’ve ever had...

The two dogs looked at him amazed "and your surprised that she is giving you the needle for that" they asked.

"Oh I'm not here for the needle the third dog" replies” I'm only here to get my nails clipped".

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