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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Markintime, Aug 12, 2008.

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  1. And these via Armynet:

    Major Janet Mary PILGRIM ARRC , Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps
    After a direct hit on the hospital from a 122 mm rocket Pilgrim took swift and effective action restoring gaps in capability averting a potential disaster. Under her charge the hospital became renowned for the compassion provided to all, no matter the circumstances and tempo of operations.
    Sergeant Gary Anthony KING, Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps
    King’s clinical excellence saved at least two lives. He ensured that all personnel were well trained and was an inspiration to all in the Provincial Joint Coordination Centre.

    Mind you reading all the others from nearly every Regiment and Corps you cant help but feel proud of our armed forces both regular and reserve.
  2. Its a pity that the RAMC doesnt have something similar to the ARRC & RRC.
  3. What about O St J (although I accept that this award may no longer be awarded for operational service)?
  4. What's the OStJ and what is is awarded for?
  5. Order of St John, nice black ribbon and silver cross. It can be awarded for all sorts: charity work, doing a particularly job at something etc...

    But it isnt exclusive to the RAMC like the ARRC & RRC are to the nursing services.
  6. Seems very old fashioned and stuffy to limit such things to the nurses especially with how closely all disciplines of healthcare work together. In my own particular area (where nurses and ODPs often can only be told apart by bottom size) it could be perfectly feasible for two practitioners to perform identical commendable acts at the same time and be considered for different awards.

  7. that is outrageous! Although I wasnt thinking of medals at the time of my actions I do think I deserve some recognition. Maybe an oil painting in AMD or a Bronze statue that could be sold in the AMS museum and PRI shops at AMS units.
  8. Still think the better award for the QA was the pair of clogs, with hat and mask cluster
  9. Top woman, was our OC last year when this happened. Relocated the bottom end of the hospital to the top due to the rocket taking out the power to the bottom including our lab, just glad we were at lunch when this hit as it made a mess of the place :) Only one of 3 direct hits to the hospital and accommodation mentioned.
  10. Dougie Reid lived opposite me until about 4 weeks ago.

    Top Bloke and very unassuming.

    Well done mate....