The very greatest lies of all time........

Of course you can stay over night.

Yes, that's my phone number (insert weird number concoction).

Of course I love you.

Of course I don't just sh*g you because I fancy your body.

Of course I want to have strings attached.

Ah well, good ol' days before Mr F. :D
All women do it
No it doesn't smell funny
Your sister's really let herself go since she became single
RTFQ? Never heard of him darling.
Yes I'll respect you in the morning.

I am honestly interested in a committed monogamous relationship

I'm not saying this because I'm drunk
Of course I don't mind that you have a minuscule c*ck and that wasn't hysterical laughter, but a coughing fit.

Size does't matter.

It depends on what you do with it. :twisted:
Nah, it's a bit sh1t out here sweetheart.... Alcohol? No they've banned that....Mostly just sit around in our corrimecs... Saving my pennies, oh, don't listen to johno, all the nurses moved out last year....of course I miss you....oh, thant's deano in the background....what? yes he does have quite a high pitched voice...

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