The VERY first thing you'd if you won the lottery.

Yes, we'd all buy a castle, a fleet of flash cars and yachts and so on if we'd won several million quid but if you checked your ticket the morning after the draw, what would be the absolutely FIRST thing you'd spend it on?

Right now I reckon I'd go for a mixed grill........
I'd buy a football club.

Millwall to be precise.

Then I would knock it down and build a fucking Tesco's on it
Remind myself to breathe again.


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I'd like a weekend in Filey because this money won't change my life and i'll still go to work and who needs a new car anyway. Filey is lovely this time of year.
A nice big bottle of scotch, and a flash car with a driver, so I could hand in my resignation in style. A really pretty driver, but in a proper uniform, and acting like a proper driver. Then a mixed grill. And then, the entire first-class end of a flight to the UK( so the kids could travel in the front too). I could go on all night, there'd be no change left at the end.
Buy a boat - already got it picked out :)
Or ....
Wayne Rooney said:
A pair of 68-year-old, bottle blonde grannies for the weekend.
Divorce..... Did that come out loud?


Buy the UK and France then swap the populations of both over. See? A nice French holiday and the frogs can shiver away watching Coronation St. Uncle Rutar loves you...


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A shed load of villas abroad then I'd give them to Arrse's charity.
The rest I'd make George Best look like a teetotal nun.
a baseball bat.

I'd then take it to the office and trash everything. not because I have any problems with my current employers, it's just so I'd get sacked immediately and don't have to work for another 3 months after resigning until I could work on one of my lifes goals.

impregnating (at least) 1 woman in every country of the world.

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