The values of An Independent National Broadcaster

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jake, Jun 29, 2003.

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  1. The BBC represents the excellence of a national INDEPEDENT broadcaster.

    The values and editorial policies of the BBC are freely available from the BBC website.

    (If in doubt, examine the current row between No.10 and BBC News)
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  2. Now, Now Jake,
    The BBC is not an independant broadcaster, it relies on this mighty nation getting jiffed for a fee each year, that is set by the Government. so how can it be independant if it is funding is guarenteed by one source.

    All that is going on at the moment is one big bluff, by both sides. Give it until another news-worthy topic comes along (Beckhams have not been in the news for 24hrs) and they (HMG and BBC) will still be holding hands again
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  3. Let's face facts, Jake.  The BBC hasn't made many friends in the British military over recent years/campaigns.  Past personal experience of Ms Aide at work only strengthened this perception.  

    "Respect - providing our audience with dignified programing."  Not if this gets in the way of a good storyline though, eh?  Wasn't it you guys who insisted on showing Arab TV footage of the bodies of the two Sappers being paraded by their killers, despite the strongest protests from family, friends, the British Army, as well as Downing Street?  I may be wrong on this and I apologise if I am, but I don't think so.

    You ask Ex-Dvr if he really believes his point of view and point him towards the BBC website.  A nice Homepage and some striring words does not an 'excellent and independent broadcaster' make.

    I don't think that Ex-Dvr's alone in his views.  People aren't nearly as gullible as the media seem to think.

    I for one certainly applaud the Beeb for castigating No. 10, particularly Campbell, for their conduct leading up to GW2, but I'm afraid that the current tiff between PM Campbel and the Beeb certainly isn't really impressing many.
  4. I have to say Jake, that I know the journalist involved in the latest bru-haha with Campbell. I found him to be an honest , approachable reporter, who does research his facts, and to the best of my knowledge, just delivers the facts.

    I would be very very surprised, if he "made it all up". I suspect, as does the Beeb and the Government, that his "source" is impeccable, and it's why No.10 is so furious.

    So Auntie Beeb needs to stand fast, face front and fight this.
  5. Jake - Of course you will stick up for journalism, I believe that is your profession, just like I will stick up for mine, present and past. hence I am strongly pro-forces.

    But I believe the BBC stick up for which ever party is in power at the time (most of the time). especially with their current affairs programs, (I do not include the news broadcasts in that one) like newsnight, panorama, etc. As for Mr Paxman's interviews, I feel he winds up to the point of arguing the case against the government, wither it be the PM or Spin doctor, then backs down like a good little puppy.

    Just my view.
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  6. But was this 'personality' rather than journalistic skills?

    The website clearly states the values and aspirations of the Corporation, like all organisations it is fallible.

    I don't think many media people think that their audience/reader/listeners are gullible, otherwise we would all be making a fortune selling dodgy financial products....  ::)

    PTP - I couldn't agree more!
  7. Jake,

    1. To a certain extent.

    2. I also have aspirations, none of which I try to make others believe I will attain.  :)

    3. I expect you lot do very nicely, thank you very much, without resorting to selling financial products (?)
  8. Seamus,

    1. - I thought so ...

    2. - I think its different for an organisation rather than an individual.

    3. - Don't believe all you hear/read in the media   :D


    Try this link ....
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  9. I have just come back from a liquid late lunch, with the missus, and a friend of mine and his wife, the friend is a labour party activist hereabouts.

    We had a spirited discussion about Campbell, with the Labour activist saying how funny he thought this was, and how brilliant Campbell is.

    I of course got the arrse, and asked him why

    He said

    "Because he's got the whole nation talking about a small row, and everyone has forgotten about the weapons , that's his job. He's not upset, if he was, he'd have sought legal counsel, without all this publicity. he's just doing his job, and doing it really well"

    I of course had the absolute frigging hump , until I read the Sunday Times editorial today.

    "It's a smokescreen"

    There are also some comments about Ben (Haddock counter) Bradshaw's mauling at the hands of Humphrys yesterday.

    Bradshaw: How can the BBC publish a story on the basis of  only one source?

    Humphrys: How can the Government take a country to war, on the basis of only one , doubtful source?

    Bradshaw spent the rest of the programme flailing about wildly out of his depth (allegedly) :)
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  10. Bluff & double bluff, the issues of the wmd has not gone away, however, more immediate is Mr Campbell and his role ... tick tock  tick tock

    The Campbell is banking on the Labour members of the FAC finding that he does not have a case to answer. The BBC has their foot on his throat, if they let him up now, they are screwed.

    I think Auntie should redouble her efforts.
  12. Quote from Tessa Jowell  (paraphrased)

    "By admitting mistakes, bosses won't affect renewal of the BBC's Royal Charter in 2006".

    Subtle ......?  ::)
  13. ;D

    What's subtle about that?

    It's a straight threat. Nice of Tessa to assume her shower will still be in power in 2006.

    It's a Royal charter, so surely only the Lord Chamberlain can decide on that issue?

    Ooooops back up, I see what you mean  ;D
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