The Vacancies Situation- Where Do I Stand??

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Smiler_1985, Jul 28, 2009.

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  1. I truly aint sure where abouts on here this should go but I'm sure disco or the other mods will be able to put it there if im wrong.

    I'm currently waiting to hear back over my Medical Forms from ADSC. Only been bout 2-3 weeks so thats obviously not too long. However having read lots of stuff on here from recruiters, and seen loads of others posts here......... How bad is the lack of vacancies? I know CMT (my 2nd choice) is a huge wait but im not sure whether il also be waiting ages for a basic date for HCAV or R Irish if and when i pass ADSC (which seems like it could be anywhere between September and December)

    Any thoughts from those who might know?

    Smiler (Dan)

    PS- Sorry if its a bit long winded and disjointed. Having a bad day. Girlfriend likes nagging tuesdays lol
  2. i think its a case of wait in line like the rest of us...
  3. Im not talking bout not bein willing to wait hun. I meant, is it a case of all the vacancies being gone. Because then the problems start lol. As to waiting, Im used to that with applying for the army. Only been waiting 4 yrs :)
  4. wait find out if the vancancies are gone... you will only really know for sure once youve passed selection.

    also, when you say vacancies gone, do you mean forever or for this finanical year?

    no need to patronise me either :)
  5. All the vacancies won't actually be GONE, but they will be closing in on it. In a sense you could count yourself as lucky since you might just get in as the door closes. Not to forget people are always leaving the army and transferring so places will be shifting. If all allocations for your job choice were filled the AFCO would contact everyone who currently had them job choices listed (I imagine so anyway).

    The chances of this sound unlikely, because it is unlikely. You'll get in, but after such a long wait your mind is throwing up road blocks. Have faith in your AFCO (I know you say they have been a bit dodgy but as you know it's a difficult time for recruiting in terms of the sheer numbers they are getting), focus on yourself and your fitness and they day will come. Once your meds clear you'll fly through, I am. Best of luck mate :)
  6. apologies alcio. You know i wouldnt really wanna patronise ya. I have a lot of time for everyone who's applying. Was gonna reply but Liam beat me to it. Gonna stay positive and have a chat with my sgt in an hour or so. Besides, might as well use the time to Get my stuff in order.

    Aye Liam, been waiting a very long time indeed and il make sure i stay relaxed. Where would i be without the arrse gang eh?

    Just been reminded by GF, Im getting dumped if i enlist lol
  7. Haha these Arrse forums have been priceless in terms of the information they've given me and it's been a great way to track and compare the process of others. Glad I found 'em :)
  8. Most certainly, I found ARRSE while i was still in the TA. Kept me sane during the days of unemployment civvywise.

    Having a fell of how others are doing in their prep gave me more confidence in my own training as others are of a similar standard as me.

    Il stop panicking and go ask my Recruiter bout my concerns and meds. Off there now so later all
  9. let us know how it goes - I'd be interested to hear the feedback. :?:
  10. Just been on the online chat with a recruiter, he also said that over the next month its going to get tight for new entrants and re-joiners like myself.

    So I'm off to careers office next week to get the ball rolling, hopefully.

    I'm just going to keep my fitness training going, make life easier once I do get back in :)
  11. don't worry about your GF she'll be getting done by all your mates as soon as you get on the train :D ,but when you come back on leave you can shag all her mates and her sister!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D HAPPY DAY'S :wink:
  12. Ok then, update. Il also pop a short version of this in the applications sticky.

    My recruiter took time from his (self confessed) busy schedule (playing Footie Manager on his laptop) and gave me a heads up as well as calling his contact at the meds form place.

    My Med forms have been infront of the doctor for about a week and will be hearing back pretty soon he reckpns as to cleared or more info. Apparently the forms were presented to the ADSC by my recruiter in person as he'd had to head there in order to sort some things out himself anyhow. At a guess he said i might be in with a chance of seeing ADSC september time .... maybe.

    Also seemed happy with my gradually improving mile n half time. Did also mention it was suggested i might not need a spirometry test due to my gp being thorough about my childhood asthma but we'l see
  13. Dan.My GP gave ADSC the last 4 dates of prescription (obviously 4 years ago or more) You'll do the LFT (Lung Function Test) regardless, If you've had asthma/ or have been prescribed inhalers at any point.
    4 years minimum since your last prescription is the leeway(sp?) the Army give to allow sufferers/ex sufferers to join. It's a screening all applicants who have had asthma in the past. This is all stated to you on the ADSC instructions your given prior to attending. When at ADSC you'll most probably be fast tracked to see the doc a bit sooner than some of the other blokes as it's down to him to pass you on your Medical after which you'll do the LFT.

    Hope This Helps
    Benny :)
  14. As ever Benny thou art a font of knowledge. Makes sense.
  15. Not too sure where that information came from, if you are attending ADSC Pirbright the LFT is conducted first thing in the morning before along with the medical, applicants going for an LFT normally have to be at Pirbright for 9am so they can get it out of the way first :)