The Usual Post Election BNP Thread

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by smallbore, Apr 6, 2007.

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  1. After the elections on 3 May there will be the usual thread about how did the BNP win so may seats and how can people support them.

    But, 6 councillors have already been elected. In 6 Parish Councils the locals were too idle to stand and do anything, so the only candidates were BNP and have thus been automatically elected without any contest. BNP News Page

    The stupid idle people of these parishes have got what they deserve.

    What was that quote about evil triumphing as long as good men do nothiing.
  2. I was shocked the other year when the news was celebrating the fact that the BNP hadn't got as many seats as before - but if they'd looked closely (at least in West Yorkshire) - they would have found the BNP was neck and neck with the other main parties - often just separated by 50 votes or so. That to me was the most worrying thing.
    But the other politicians should be wondering WHY people are voting BNP and do something about it - like stopping police in Bradford making people take the St Georges flags off their cars (k, I wouldn't want one anyway, but it's the principal) in case someone got offended.

  3. Why were you shocked Wyvern?

    This government has done nothing for its core supporters over the last decade, bar undermine their wages, their jobs, their communities and their place in the queue for housing, health, transport and benefits - by importing cheaper labour.

    Immigration benefits the upper classes and businessmen, who get cheap servants and workers, but it is the working classes that have to compete for these new lower wages and live cheek by jowl with the new immigrants (often 20 to a house).

    In addition, it is the working-class shopping areas that suffer most, as the immigrants send their money home rather than spending anything in the local shops. Thus one in three shops in a center not too far away from us is now closed, due lack of spending. And let's not hear any diatribes about immigrants putting money back into the system and making us all richer, for every WizzAir magazine is resplendent with large adverts on how to claim back any tax (inadvertently) paid to HMG (Non-Dom workers!).

    And you wonder why voters look around for an alternative?

  4. Dammatt , why are you still here?
  5. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Locals???? I haven't had my voting card :evil:
  6. I wasn't shocked at the increase in BNP votes; it was going to happen. I was shocked at the fact it was ignored by the media and politicians, and the underlying problems and possible consequences had been ignored, purely because seats weren't actually gained. To me, the BNP having near equal votes in say 10 constituances (sp??!) and only 2 seats is much more indicative of a lot of underlying problems than gaining seats in 4 and being very much a minority elsewhere. (numbers purely hypothetical).
    But then again I suppose expecting politicians/press to look deeper into things and use common sense to see what this implies is asking a bit much.

    I do not have a problem with immigrants; after all, if I were to move to NZ to get away from the cr@p in this country ,I'd be one myself. What I do have a problem with is the lack of politicians with balls, who'll actually give the very genuine concerns of their British citizens the consideration they deserve, because they're scared of being labled racist.

  7. So it would not concern you if you were made unemployed and had to sell your home and go into emergency housing - because your position was taken by an immigrant??? It would not concern you that your children no longer had a nice house, holidays, or that they had to go hungry??

    I had an editor colleague saying much the same as yourself, enthusing about the benefits of immigration. So I gave him the name of an editor in Latvia who would do the same job for half the price (and using better English, I should point out). He won't talk about the subject now.

  8. I'd be interested to see hard data showing how many people are unemployed because an immigrant actually physically took their job; and how many people are unemployed because they don't want the really sh!tty one which maybe the only type they could get; but they'd rather stay unemployed and then maybe moan about immigrants doing the jobs they didn't want anyway.

    I don't recall enthusing about immigration; it can bring benefits, it can also bring problems, but I would suggest the situation you described would be very rare. If a company were to replace someone with someone 'cheaper', that employee could quite easily be British too- so not a problem just with immigrants.
  9. Seem to remember a farmer in Andover bringing workers over from Portugal because the brits didn’t want to do the jobs.

    Same in the area I am now in, can’t get people to do the nasty jobs in food processing.

    BNP, as much fact as the Sun.
  10. I may be a little unpopular here with my point of view but here goes; it would seem that we are importing cheap labour from eatsern Europe because there is a shortage of indegenous workers prepared to do the work.

    Problem solved, raise interest rates, cut council tax. restore Tax breaks for complete famalies, pay no benefits excepy in exceptional circumstances and then to those who have contributed 5 years of subscription.

  11. Ho ho ho

    You do come out with utter rubbish Drammy. The South African and Australian doctors are being exploited by unscrupulous employers unwilling to pay larger salaries? The Oxford professor (and scientist) who had a different hue of skin was employed to cut costs? Utter twaddle.

    The reason we have so many immigrants doing our jobs is not because employers wish to rip off their workers, but because we do not have enough skilled labour to fill our needs. School leavers follow the paths they want to - and can do because of shortages in new labour - and the sectors whose careers they find less attractive suffer. These include potato pickers (probably minimum wage), bus drivers (Mainline in Birmingham were offering £28,000 before they started recruiting Poles), plumbers who can ask the earth, up to top businessmen (how many americans??), scientists and medical people.

    You BNP people twist the truth for Your own despicable ends.
  12. Drammy,

    While it is true that the Labour Party have abandoned working people and have become just another Party of the rich, the BNP is not the answer.

    The fact is that the rich big business ruling class will always try - in the newspapers and on the TV channels which they own - to talk up the prospects of Fascist alternatives for working class votes.

    This has the effect of a) diverting working class attention away from left-wing alternatives which might seriously challenge ruling class power and privilege (we always see the media talking up BNP "gains", but there is seldom any mention of the substantial progress made by Respect in some areas), and b) galvanising support for the Labour Party, which the rich well and truly already have in their pocket (i.e. traditional Labour voters who have become disillusioned with the Party, will be more likely to trot out and vote Labour once again if they see the BNP as a potental threat).

    The BNP though, while they may talk of providing a "working class alternative", are in fact nothing of the sort and the rich know this. The Nazis did this in the 20s and 30s. They claimed to be the saviours of the German working class, but when the recession started to bite and the public lost faith in the mainstream "moderate" capitalist parties and started turning en masse to either the Nazis or the Communists, the rich ruling class and their media threw their weight fully behind the Nazis, since they knew that the Nazis, once in power, would abandon all pretence of being a "workers' party", and would govern instead in the interests of the rich.

    Hence if one day in the not-too-distant future we see the public growing so disenchanted with the Tories, NewLabour, and the LibDems that they begin to flock en masse to either the BNP or Respect, you can be sure that the capitalist mainstream media will suddenly start to see Nick Griffin as the man to save Britain from Galloway's evil terrorist-loving Reds!

  13. Just about says it all really !! A bus company willing to pay a decent liveavble wage..... But would rather pay less money to ecomonic migrants. The company I work for pays 27k+ for its LGV drvers & has a waiting list as long as your arm. Thats in London aswell !!!! However the company has ignored the people queing for a job & has instead opted to go along the cheap Russian/Pole/Albainian/Lithuainian agency driver route.

    Now, I hold no sway with the likes of the BNP etc , but I can bloody well see why people in some areas hold sympathy & vote for them. But why are Labour so quiet on the BNPs rise at the ballot box ?????? One reason , It takes votes from the Conservatives.

  14. LoneTree

    The reason that Mainline had to 'bus in' Poles to do their driving was because they couldn't get English drivers to do the job, because we, the home grown talent, would rather do something else.

    Here is what National Express is offering to new recruits - LOOK, You don't even need a PSV, the company will train You up.

    But they still can't recruit enough
  15. A huge sector of the population is too busy at college and university doing "meeja studies" and so on instead of earning a living. Then it's "I've got a degree - I'm not doing that."
    I think we've got far too many people wasting their time on useless courses.