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afternoon gents . was contacted by raowo this week on the subject of qaulifiying for my bounty as i have been on ftrs for the past twelve months and got another 36 to do i told him i didnt qaulifiy for it even tho i have done all my matts with the unit i am with but he is very certain i am entitled to it if i am it would be very welcome .so if any one can shed some light on this i would be grateful cheers lads. claw
TA Regs Annex F to Chapter 1

25. Training Bounty.
a. FTRS service in its own right is not eligible to count as bounty earning service. However, personnel who have fulfilled their bounty earning obligations for the training year in which they enter an FTRS Commitment are eligible to receive their bounty at the end of that Training Year.
b. Similarly, those who fulfil their bounty earning obligations after the end of the commitment but before the end of the Training Year are eligible to receive their bounty at the end of that Training Year. Bounty earning training completed before entering an FTRS Commitment may be aggregated with bounty earning training completed after the end of the commitment provided that such training falls within the training year.
c. Where the commanding officer of an individual ’ s TA parent unit is satisfied that a period of 15 days or more FTRS service was relevant to the individual ’ s role as a member of the TA, that service is to be counted in lieu of Camp for bounty earning purposes.
d. Abatement of Bounty. Where an individual has qualified for bounty as shown at para 25b, the total aggregation of his pay and bounty, grossed up to reflect standard rates of tax and ERNIC, must not exceed the gross annual emoluments payable had the whole training year been served on regular rates of pay without bounty. Where the gross regular annual rate of pay is exceeded, bounty payments are to be abated accordingly.

Talk about looking a gift horse in the mouth! Surely if your RAWO has gone to this sort of trouble you should be grateful and get the MATTs info he needs!!


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