The USS Liberty, Zionism and the birth(???) of Israel

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bugsy, Oct 31, 2009.

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  1. Ever since I heard of the vicious attack on the USS Liberty on 8 June 1967 and the loss of life onboard, I've been very interested in the affair. Even via the internet, it's proved very difficult to obtain any relevant information that wasn't, in some way, orientated towards the "official" explanation. However, the “official" explanation of "mistaken identity" just never seemed to be enough to justify such a ruthless and precise attack over such a long period and with the weapons used. Here’s what Wiki has to say about it:

    Even the lightly critical and heavily sanitised Wiki version palls before this article by Alan Hart:

    Alan Hart also wrote the following article about the birth of the nation of Israel, which, sort of in my view, validates his USS Liberty piece. In it (the article) he argues that the foundation of the state of Israel was much more a product of a unilateral declaration of state by the Jews than of an "official" UN decision, and, as such, is illegal, and thus invalid, anyway. However judge for yourselves:

    The survivors of the USS Liberty attack (who were never meant to survive in the first place – see the cold-blooded machine-gunning of lifeboats/rafts - would like to obtain some closure on why their shipmates were unnecessarily killed and injured to further the political aims of the US and Israel. I believe they're owed something. I believe they’re owed an honest explanation.

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    No more than those British soldiers who were murdered by the Irgun - the leader of which was an immigrant and had no more right to be there than the British, or the Turkish before them, or the Romans before them, or even the Arabs (apart from the nomadic ones of course).

    The Jewish state was founded by terrorists operating directly against the wishes of the UN and the British. The jews were bombing hotels and mass-murdering in Palestine before the Arabs did.

    The exact reasoning behind the attack on the US Liberty remain a bit clouded, but the suspicion on the Israeli side seemed to have been that the the USS Liberty was being used to pass intel to Israel's neighbours - it was an eavesdropping ship after all.

    Israel attacked with the idea of sinking it with all hands lost so they could deny it, or possibly blame it on the arabs - hence them jamming the signals from the ship and attacking the survivors in the boats.
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  8. Was in the Med when the Six day war kicked off, we we were patrolling off Bhengazi when the attack on the Liberty happened. There was a general warning for the whole of the Eastern Med to stay away but the Liberty sailed into it. The Americans did the same thing again when the USS Pueblo pushed its luck with the North Koreans in 1968.
    We were berthed near the drydock that the Liberty was eventually towed into and were amazed that it was still afloat.
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    Well, he's more entertaining than you and doesn't tell as many lies. Live and let live, eh?
  10. Is it anymore of a tragedy than the USS Vincennes shooting down an airliner by "mistake" in 1988,with the loss of 290 passengers and crew,including a number of children,but then they weren't American were they?

    What was an American Spy Ship,doing in the area during the Six Day War? has that come out in the enquiry?

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  12. cant change the past

    it was in the wrong place at the wrong time despite warnings.

    any ship entering a war zone be it a spy ship or not knows its entering into trouble
  13. At a website of USS Liberty survivors, Liberty survivors linky there is quite a bit of information.

    As a septic sort this incident still bothers me years later. IIRC, the casualties on Liberty were about twice the number of casualties as the USS Cole attack.

    My government did try to play down the incident. The captain of Liberty was awarded the Medal of Honor. Most MoH awards are done at the White House by the President. Captain McGonagle received his medal in a small ceremony at Washington Navt Yard from an Admiral.

    I have no idea of the truth of this but there have been claims that the cause of the incident was an Israeli belief that Liberty had intercepted communication from Isreal discussing whether to kill POW's.
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    Not awfully. Let me put this plainly: you're a liar and a fantasist. You thrive on seeking attention. You are in short, a troll. No?
  15. Which would be somewhat acceptable if they hadn't gone on to brass up the lifeboats. That is just not cricket. And the Israelis were well aware of the nationality - and neutrality - of the ship.

    Liberty was free to do whatever the hell it wanted in international waters.

    Would the US have swept it under the carpet if any country other than Israel had been responsible?