The useless b@stard missed....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jagman, Apr 30, 2010.

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  1. Sounds familiar does it not?
  2. One of the refuse collectors, a 40-year-old man who identified himself only as Dell, denied causing the crash and was totally unapologetic. "Half our jobs are gone left, right and centre in this city," he said.

    Yep , Dell has had enough....
  3. I believe it was more like:

    Mandy to flunky, "Get one of the party faithful numpty's to take out those protestors, they arent 'on message' about the PM"

    Cue flunky grabbing one of the 'recently arrived into the country' "Go and clear that lot away. I don't care how you do it, just do it"

    The numpty, coming from a place where dissent with the Govt is dealt with rather more robustly than here in the UK, decides to stage an unfortunate car accident, because any comeback to him would be 'racist'.

    Alas for the numpty, the free pack of documents given to him (passport, social book, housing benefit, etc), didnt come with a driving test to match his free car.

    Numpty's incompetence fails to take out the protestors, and deflects the media away from Brown, as he was about to make a speech that would have erased all memory of recent gaffes.

    Yet another own goal for Labour.
  4. Something I read last week in one of the freebies on the underground. Said that binmen in Birmingham were on about £50.000 and the Council were getting taken to the cleaners by the equal opportunities people for a few hundred million. Probably why their jobs are going.

    On a different note. Labour will probably spin it so that this incident will create: Real jobs for Real people. Fixing the bus shelter, repairing the car, investigating the circumstances etc.
  5. Not quite.

    Mandy to flunky : Prepare yourself my brother in jihad. Your virgins await you in paradise.

    All you have to do is drive at the one eyed crusader dog then press the cigarette lighter. FFS don't take your eyes off the road as you've never driven on the left before.
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    Jesus on a fookin space-hopper you dribbler! LOL????????

    This ain't facebook son, try harder! :twisted:
  7. Ok HaHa, Ahaha. (Ha..) :)
  8. flunky is now moving in to a nice new council house aranged by mandy to keep him stum.
  9. ROFLMAO :lol:
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  12. I thank you I am here all week :bow:
  13. On the plus side, he's got some cracking photos for the insurance claim.

    Assuming he bothered with a trivial matter like insurance, that is.