The use of Razor Blades by Squaddies in Baton Rounds (plastic/rubber bullets)

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Aodhán, Jul 16, 2017.

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  1. Aodhán

    Aodhán On ROPs

    Several British soldiers have admitted to to fixing their baton rounds with razor blades to do more damage to the protestors/rioters during Operation Banner.

    "Baton rounds are doctored with bits of metal and razor blades to cause even worse injury. Uniformed patrols hang around school gates for the aggro."

    - from TOM

    I'm thinking that this may help to explain the high rate of serious injuries among Irish people shot by the things

    Emma Groves - blinded
    Richard Moore child in 1972 MOD files - also blinded
    14-year old boy put into a coma in Lenadoon, 1997

    Killed: Peter Doherty 36, Catholic. Michael Donelly 21 Catholic. Sean Downes 22 Catholic. Henry Duffy 45 Catholic. Seamus Duffy Catholic teenager. Thomas Friel 21 Catholic. Stephen Geddis young Catholic lad, 10. Carol Ann Kelly a lass of twelve years. Julie Livingstone a Catholic teenager. Nora McCabe 30 Catholic. Stephen McConomy Catholic 11 years of age. Peter McGuinness, 41, Catholic. Tobias Molloy Catholic teenager. Francis Rowntree, 11, Catholic. Brian Stewart a young Catholic teenager. Keight White, Irish man of twenty years and Paul Whitters, a Catholic teenager.

    Some of the many victims of these rounds

    I know this can be seen as a controversial topic and may come across as an attack, but my goal here is not to be inflammatory, simply to get more information from you lot: the people who served. I'm wondering if any of you here have any further information on that, and if you ever did this (put razor blades into baton rounds) or encountered it yourself? Thanks.
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  2. You will go far sonny!
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  3. The only good fenian is a dead fenian.
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  4. I thought "thick paddy" was an insulting stereotype from a more unenlightened age.

    And then this daft tw@ turns up.
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  5. I use a baton round to shave with,takes ages.
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  6. We can't swear in here so let's see if you can work this out.

    F O Y T C

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  7. I used to put a lipstick on the end of my baton rounds in the vain hope of making the rioters more attractive should I mistakenly deliver a bouncer and hit one of the inbred looking twats in the face. I liked Rimmel's "Dirty Harlot" and Avon's "Labia Sunrise" but I never used L'Oreal because they weren't worth it.
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  8. What's a taig?
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  9. Is it any wonder why.
  10. Bless you (from the pontiff)
  11. I can't help feel we didn't shoot enough of them
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  12. Helm

    Helm LE Book Reviewer

    After reading too much Hornblower I used to put grapes in mine, totally misunderstanding the term grape shot alas
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  13. Don't know about anyone else, but I'm excited to find out how highly trained British doctors examined these people and not one of them ever noticed that rather than impact from a blunt object they'd actual had their face sliced open with a razor blade.

    You'd think the injuries inflicted would be subtly different...
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  14. What were Irish people doing in NI?
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  15. Now call me mr picky, but how did these baton rounds, with a razor blade sticking out the side, get loaded?
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