The use of local rank?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Zorro, Mar 7, 2010.

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  1. Sorry if this has been asked before but i couldnt find it when i searched.

    What are the rules on the use of local rank? I know its used for people going on courses to 'bend the rules' but can it be used on a permanant basis?

    i.e. you are posted to a unit as rank X, and the CO gives you local rank of Y for the duration of your posting?

    I thought with the problems this sometimes caused with deaths on ops and pensions/compensation etc it has been binned?

  2. The use of local rank is normally applied for personnel on courses. For example the PTI course, a private / trooper / sapper etc will be granted the rank of LCpl to attend the trg as it is a caveat for the course.

    Similarly, the unit will have certain jobs that are rank-ranged and require a LCpl or Cpl in a certain appointment. It will be at the discretion of the CO of that unit to decide whether a senior private is responsible enough to be awarded local rank to be placed into that job - but it is normally for the benefit of the unit, not the individual (to solve manning problems, gaps etc).

    I do not know the exact rules on local rank, how often the award of local rank is reviewed etc, but if you have access to Dii, it might be worth looking in the AEL under Queen's Regs under G1 to see what the conditions are.

    Hope this helps.
  3. I have a local rank in and around my home town.

    The neighbours and town folk call me 'Uberturmbahnfuhrer Porridge'

    Is not on my business cards though, I have Reverend on those....... but thats my actual substantiated rank, not local.
  4. Local rank can be authorised by the CO for courses - the Adjutant will normally write the letter, it cannot be used to fill PIDs on the 8005.

    Substitution pay can be applied for (to fill specific gaps) and is granted by APC for six months (can be extended), do not confuse rank ranged PIDs with entitlement to promote in post. They are likely to be phased out as they are not exact when calculating unit cost.

    Being given substitution pay will not mean that you automatically promote into the post on the next board.

  5. Haha - which rank do you hold then:


    And Top Soldier - thanks for clearing that up. I know we've promoted people locally for courses, and as far as placing someone into a higher ranked role goes, I think we have given them acting as opposed to local (with extra pay of course).
  6. "Over tower way leader"? Isn't that an Adventure Training leader rank? something to do with aerial runways? 8)
  7. Certainly on Op TELIC they would not authorise any local rank for people to step up. The Brigade Commander's approval was usually sought for Acting Rank to fill vacancies, so that if they got slotted, their near and dear got the appropriate compo.
  8. I have the local rank of Brigadier General Filed Marshal of the universe, however it is so local that it only applies in my own head 8O
  9. Some years ago, I was given Local Sgt by the EME on return from Op Herrick so I could live unaccompanied in the mess. This was due to the fact that I'd come off a promotional board during the tour but was not qualified to wear it. 2 months later, I was posted to Germany and told to remove a stripe by the new EME. 4 months later, on completion of SCLM, I was promoted again. Going back down to Cpl is not a pleasant experience.
  10. I was a local Sgt for two and a half years in the 70s. Days of time promotion, no such thing as acting rank for anything below SSGT in the RAPC. Prior to that I was a local LCPL for three months, the rank did not exist in the Corps, for most people it was no stripes one day & two the next.
  11. I was given local sergeant when based with WIS in Armagh as there was no corporals mess. It was a pain in the arrse earning corporals pay and paying sergeants mess bills!
  12. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Book Reviewer Kit Reviewer

    I was given a 'local' commission after the commissioning board met pending the Governor signing the commissioning scroll. Given that a Governor's Commission in the Royal Hong Kong Regiment (The Volunteers) was by definition a local commission I supposes I was doubly local'd.
  13. Still used heavily in footguards and HCav.
    You will note that sergeants in footguards wear different coloured stripes. One lot are segeants the others are corporals who automatically get local sgt unless they kick a corgi etc.
    HCav have similar with Corporal of horse (Sgt)

    Gets interesting when its applied to attached arms and corps as can end up with a junior body without min. quals wearing 3 tapes alongside qual. senior corporal wearing 2 if sent as part of battlegroup etc.
  14. Not local as such but when did officers of the Foot Guards cease to have an Army rank and a Regimental rank, so Lieutenant and Major Lord Pluminmouth or Captain and Lt col the honourable Harry Stoke-Ratt?
  15. What utter rubbish, FT Guards and HCR do not have the Cpl rank, in the Ft Gds they are LSgts and in HCR LCOH, neither has anything to do with Local Rank.