The US/UK Special Relationship is Truly Alive and Well

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jumpinjarhead, Jul 22, 2010.

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  1. I just received this in my email and wanted to express my appreciation to the UK for being willing to assist us Americans, suffering as we are under our current masters' tender mercies for our "greater good." I also assume the only way the sender in the UK knew of my current economic needs was through the good offices of my fellow ARRSERs and I thank each of you as well. My good friend here says it all at the 27-28 second mark: YouTube - Gomer Pyle Carter's Dodge Car Gets Crushed

    Knowing the dire economic straits the UK is also in, this generosity is doubly meaningful and underscores the strong bond of our special relationship. I will endeavor to find similar opportunities from Americans who care as much as Mr. Pascaline. If any ARRSERs want first crack at these, please PM me with your full contact information that will of course be kept in the strictest confidence.

    My one remaining dilemma is whether I should open the attached pdf file. Can I trust it do you think? Does anyone know Mr. Pascaline personally?

    Yours sincerely etc. :eek:

  2. JJH, things have come to a pretty pass if you can't take the integrity of a British public servant as read?

    I neither know nor have ever heard of Mr Pascaline, and far be it from me to cast aspersions (-that's more frank than anglo-saxon as names go), he's gone to the trouble of writing to you personally!

    Still, after all that you may still have thoughts of "perfidious Albion" (not the name of RN's next boat, BTW), it's your loss mate.

    Go on, open it; you KNOW you want to, the Emperor Mong thinks you should too.
  3. In the continuing spirit of good will and friendship, would it be alright if I merely emailed the file to you for your perusal first. I am not a selfish person.
  4. Thanks for the offer, but my finances are, or soon will be, thanks to my new found Nigerian adviser. I have sent him the details he required to claim my inheritance from a long lost relative, and will shortly be putting Croesus to shame as far as readies are concerned.
  5. Wow-I so envy you. I am sure the largesse from the UK will not be anything like what you are getting. DO you have to go to Lagos to claim it?
  6. You're confused, JJH. You're thinking of those young American ladies on "Myspace",( invariably from Anchorage, for some reason) who're trapped in West Africa having gone to claim their inheritance. They're usually orphans/been abused/single moms/etc etc with various mothers/fathers/brothers/boyfriends terminally ill with something. Having seen your photo on Myspace they've instantly fallen for you and will give you endless offspring to gladden your later years, if only you send them $x0000 for the flight home.

    Unlike the 194 Brits on a recent news broadcast, who believed these pleas from distressed damsels to the tune of about £20,000 each, I am not so easily misled.

    No, I have complete faith in Mr Mbongwe, who as we speak is posting my cheque! I'll paypal you a beer when it clears.
  7. [​IMG]

    Welcome to the 419 Eater

    If you've got time. Have a look at this Scamming the scammers. Some of the photos are hillarious.