The US takes on the Lords Resistance Army

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by saladin, Oct 15, 2011.

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  1. BBC News - US to send troops to Uganda to help fight LRA rebels

    100 Advisors - likely to have an effect or likely to be followed by a marine Div ?

    Should we be offering to help Kenya with its Somali border issues - after all its now affecting chaps safaris and beach parties, UK vital interests I'd have thought ? .
  2. Too right we should be offering our assistance to Kenya, would they want it though?

    It's playing havoc with one's social life that Kenya is off limits. One has to raise one's eyebrow when the other half suggests a little holiday there and have I made a will out in the same sentence...
  3. No idea about the US sending in more troops to Uganda but I doubt it in the short term - no money and no public appetite. Though, if I was a betting man, I'd say East Africa has bags of potential as the next US/Brit armed forces foreign adventure destination.
  4. Let her go first and if it's safe you can follow.
  5. Happy days. Perhaps now we can get back all the Cypress green berets.
  6. 12 Feb 55 - President Eisenhower's administration sends the first U.S. advisers to South Vietnam to train the South Vietnamese Army.

    Obviously Vietnam was a low key affair so this probably won't escalate either.
  7. The yanks getting involved in another counter insurgency? That'll end well. Does Uganda have oil?
  8. Show of hands, who wants to go to Kenya, and who's for Afghanistan?
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  9. Code:
    That area has tin, copper, coltan and all the other goodies. The LRA has made commercial exploitation difficult - also the LRA crisscross over the borders of Congo and S Sudan which would give the Yanks "influence" in those mineral rich areas too. Plan B for Uganda might have been to invite the PRC to sort it. The Yanks ain't stupid - on this one at least.
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  10. Bit like afghanistan then. Would prc have sent troops if asked though?

    Ps. Wtf is Coltan?
  11. Mineral used in capacitors(aka the new blood diamond)
  12. "12 Feb 55 - President Eisenhower's administration sends the first U.S. advisers to South Vietnam to train the South Vietnamese Army."

    Couldn't agree more.

  13. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    Always best to go into a country you've never worked in before without asking those who have what they think of the idea.

    Brilliant strategy.

    Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Homer Simpson of campaign planning.
  14. Given the US interest in, and involvement with, the Horn of Africa (not a dodgy blacksploitation porn movie from the 70's), this is a rather good and tangental flanking move - with greater benefits than merely removing the LRA from the playing field. As others have commented, there are mineral deposits and a significant PRC presence in the region (after all, the PRC always plays a long game and has looked to secure it's future pre-eminance by securing mineral and food resources in rich areas such as Africa.) This might almost be a grown up move by the US: but watch out for the potential proxy wars over the next decade or so.
  15. It's all a preemptive gambit prior to a full scale invasion of Kenya to release it from the yoke and oppression of British colonialism. Ole Obama pledged that to his Granpappy.