The US Rangers

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by HantsTiger, May 13, 2004.

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  1. OK, I guess, but not a 'elite force'

  2. Over excited children: haircut=hard etc.

  3. Dangerously gung ho

  4. Indoctrinated robots, avoid

  5. Top troops

  6. Proud history (WW2 etc.) but not lived up to these days

  1. Just had a row with a yank mate - he reckons the US Rangers are the worlds greatest troops due to amazing fitness, ideological purity and superb training. If anyone has worked with them or knows anything please leave a message/answer survey. Ta.
  2. I've worked with a few. The tend to be good soldiers, a bit too gung ho, but better than the average 'Joe'. They do tend to think they are SF but don't rate on that scale in my book! I'd compare thier course (loosely) to the All Arms Commando or PCompany.
  3. I tend to agree with above.

    Has to be said, a lot of there troops seem to be 'special' - Rangers, SFOD, SEAL's, Green Berets......

    As also said above, i don't rate them, and reckon the RM band could give them a good kicking.
  4. I only know what I have read. The U.S. Rangers are highly motivated with a strong esprit de corps, due in part to the fact that they see themselves as the lineal descendants of the original Roger's Rangers of the French & Indian War during the mid-18th century - I would term them as highly trained specialist light infantry, but not special forces in the strict sense. To draw a comparison I would compare them to the Rhodesian Light Infantry. I believe they are still designated as an infantry unit, though they would certainly be of a higher calibre than your-run-of-the-mill G.I. I imagine that service in the Rangers often precedes service in U.S. special forces units
  5. A small disabled amuptee child with asthma would certainly be of a higher calibre than your-run-of-the-mill G.I.

    As for Rangers, I prefer Celtic, better social scene.
  6. Have worked with the Medic variety, all bloody keep saying,"Hoohah" instead of yeah.

    Mainly brainwashed, lots of muscle but crap on CV. Again more Light Infantry than SF. Not up to our Paras or Booties
  7. Solid infantry with some bolt-on training. They have a lot of attitude, but then they're comparing themselves with the bulk of the US Army which is pretty f*cking dire. In terms of adaptability, probably closest to RM Commandos.
  8. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Did this come from a recruiting pamphlet for the Schutzstaffel ?
  9. worked with them once...they tend to believe that they would save the rest of the world with Delta Force.
    As been said better than average G.I. they seemed to have all the Gucci kit, but still couldn't run unless they all had the same T-shirt on , in a squad, and singing a cadence...with not even one girlie within 100's of miles :lol:
  10. pretty soon anything other than a cook will be deemed SF in the US military, we have this inherent want to be special attitude. :?

    Rangers are "infantry lite", or LRRP but not special forces. Anything in the Army that has a tab above the unit insignia is SF anymore. There are only 2 official and 1 unofficial true SF units in the US mil; SEALS and Green Berets....then there is that other thing Delta that really doesn't exist. :D
  11. We managed to get one to explain the 24 hour clock to us, in the scoff queue at Westdown Camp.

    He had a watch on that looked like one of those seventies wrist radios. One of the lads commented on it, so he started showing it off. When someone pointed out that there were numbers higher than 12 on it, he started explaining to us that this was for MY-LITT-ERRY time.

    It was great. We were asking him bone questions for 5 minutes and he didn't peg us.

    SF my ARRSE. :lol:
  12. myself and AlfieFizz had the misfortune of working with a couple of them a few years ago, they cant drink alcohol to save their lives, are dead easy to wind up and have crap accents (however i believe that may be US wide!!).
  13. Interestingly enough we did a job with 10 special forces group in Bad Tolz in Teutonland back in the 1980's ...... former junker officer school of the waffen ss..... :roll:
  14. Wasn't it the Rangers who took part in the "Blackhawk down" incident in somalia?
  15. Indeed they were. I remember reading in Mark Bowden's book that some of them were 18 year-olds not that long out of basic training. There was also a good deal of rivalry, bordering on resentment, between the Rangers and the other units deployed on that mission.