The US Presidents election

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Taff49, Oct 23, 2012.

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  1. was watching the news last night about the debate between Barrack Obama and Mitt Romney (why do I always fancy having some sauce on my chips when I hear his name?) and it got me thinking. I googled both and had a shufty round their respective websites.

    first off I found this:-
    and to be fair I fancied a little punt so donated $15 to Mitt Mayo, sorry, Romney. I couldn't see the odds but they have to be good, I'll make a killing if he wins. I delved further and spotted this:-
    The Romney-Ryan 2012 official store | Veterans for Romney Bumper Sticker - Bumper Stickers - Basics
    and as I am a legitimate veteran, then I felt it was justified so I ordered one, along with a "Womens for Mitt" sticker (on the grounds of you never know, do you?!)

    then, in the interest of balance, I went over to the Obama site for a nosey. You can't have a flutter on his site without registering as a Democrat so I gave the gamble a miss, but i did find this:-
    now, I was a little confused at first as to why the president of the USA might want a dog bandana advertising a 60's british sports car, but I ordered one anyway, figuring it would look very natty with my string-backed driving gloves. Imagine my dismay when a lesbian friend of mine told me that LGBTs aren't bright red convertibles anymore! Ho-hum.

    All in all, a pretty confusing evening on the interweb but I do have some amusing stickers for the back of my car.

    I only hope that our own rabble of politicians don't get idea's and begin to act like their Yank conterparts. Can you imagine it?

    Anorexics for John Prescott? Squaddies for Liam Fox? Lawyers for Geoff Archer?


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  2. Do they have signs for public sector workers? They could call it Workers Of Government for Obama. Obviously for reasons of practicality it would have to be abbreviated
  3. Il Douche is wearing a woman's uniform tunic. I always did wonder about him.

    Being a collection of veterans (mostly) I suppose ou have all heard the "fewer horses and bayonets" comment. It nearly had me on the floor.
  4. Apparently the USMC didn't get Obamas memo on bayonets.

  5. ImageUploadedByARRSE1351013207.425073.jpg

    We've been using them for years!!
  6. We can fire 60 rounds and take our Bayonets off and the hand can still be fingerprinted :)
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  7. Not with a M4 or M16a3/4....... But your stoppage drills are bob on.. ;)
  8. Taff49, do you realize that you've broken the law by donating to a US presidential candidate if you are not an American. Romney, too is in violation of the election law by accepting it from abroad, but it being a very small amount it probably won't get caught.

    Don't be surprised if it gets returned in a few days. It is nothing personal.
  9. He can't answer you, he's on his way to Cuba as we speak.
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  10. It wasn't a donation, it was a gamble :)
  11. You have to have been a Cold War Warrior to appreciate that one. It will fall on many young, deaf ears.....
  12. Don't you think the good ole US would be a better place if they allowed non septics to run for el presidente. I for one would be in like a shot and my first day's work would involve banning/deleting America
  13. ^ Priceless - deleting America has to be the wat forward
  14. That's be "way" forward - fat fingers