The US military goes green

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Trans-sane, Dec 18, 2009.

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  1. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    In this quater's Economist technology review. May well be old news to those that have been out in the sticks. But I found it very interesting regarding the cost savings that can be recouped by the use of tree-hugger friendly sources of power. The figures (assuming they are accurate) speak for themselves. 40% of fuel in Iraq and Affers is used by generators to provide electric power. Fuel costs $2-3 a gallon wholesale. After delivery to one of the main bases is effective cost is $15. If a small outpost has to be resupplied by wokka it can cost $400 a gallon.

    And the request for solar pannels by General Zilmer is also very interesting.

    Comments from the pannel please :wink:
  2. I fell across a website advertising roll up Solar panels. The largest one I saw could create 28w at 15v/1.8 amps for £400. Struck me as one of those "Why the **** didn't someone think of them in Iraq?

    They even did a folding Solar panel kit that was rugged, folded up to a laptop and comes in 30w and 62w models
  3. Can you remember what the site was?
  4. Towsure solar panel but you can find them cheaper on Ebay

    Some pals are now using these people solar panel seller
  5. Come on folks, you don't seriously think that the MOD will spend money to save money?

    Solar panels, wind turbines, water recycling, biogas etc? Think of all the convoys we wouldn't need to have if we relied on green energy sources - you'd be doing the RLC out of a job, and we can't have that can we....
  6. Thanks happybonzo....very interesting
  7. I saw this product on a stand at one of motorcycle shows last year, selling to the Adventure motorcycle type market.

    It was a solar panel that was on a fabric base so it could be rolled up and stored like a towel when not in use......can someone confirm that these things are real, or did I see a proposed product or a wind up.

    No, I cannot remember the company but it was one of those companies like the ones who initiated the walter filter systems when they just started. ( ie small, almost homemade )
  8. Yes, the "roll up" type are for real Roll up panels The Yotties like them to roll around a furled sail

    There is a company that makes a small panel to fix to the back of a Backpack. It is for powering up an iPod or such like. Not so good on your Bergan though as it does tend to be a bit shiney :lol:
  9. Thankyou for that Happybonzo.

    Its ideal to use on motorbikes, just have them on your panniers to recharge anything while you are bike is an old BMW, so the actual electrical system does not have enough power to run the bike and charge stuff at the same time.
  10. There is actually quite a lot of research currently under way in this area with the MoD. Some of the ideas are already being trialled.