The Upper Age Limit and "The 55 Year Old Commando"

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by walk-on-the-wild-side, Nov 15, 2007.

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  1. No, we don't want any more old cnuts, we'll end up being a "Dads Army."

  2. Yes, if they can produce the goods let 'em get stuck in!

  1. Having watched Chris Terrill the other night in the documentary "The 55 Year Old Commando" it got me thinking.

    Could the age for for enlistment into the Regular Army be upped even further. I am well aware that it is only 12'ish months since the AIN fell onto our laps informing us of the upper age limit being raised to 33 (CAMUS 36.11), however, in light of what we saw Chris Terrill do, could it possibly be moved up a little further.

    I am well aware that Mr. Terril is not the average 55 year old, but then I am not suggesting that the upper age should be moved to 55, that would be ridiculous.

    Would it be ridiculous to move it to 40? I know many civillian men in that age range who could run rings around men who are half their age. I'm sure the septics is 42 now and the diggers are pretty much the same.

    I have just had the pleasure of spending a short period of time within ARTD, I did notice quite a few older Phase 2 Recruits knocking about. So they are obviously coming through the doors.

    Should we therefore not utilise the further manpower that is presently still out there who are over the age of 33? Your answer could well be: "Well they can join the TA."

    I am aware that the TA upper age was upped to 43 in April 07, however, there are no doubt civilians who are over 33 who would like to make a full time commitment, presently they are unable to. (Other than a short stint on FTRS.)

    The poll is simple and straight to the a point, a simple "Yes" or "No"

    Before I forget, well done Chris, I hope I can move like that when I'm 55.

    Now I've got that off my chest, what do you lot think?
  2. Bit of a pointless argument really, as they are still chucking people out at 40 as they are no longer of use. So you retire after 22 and then sign on as a Pte for another 22? MOD is not hot on logic but this would be spotted as a little iffy.
  3. The point of the age limit isn't that people become less fit as they get older, it's that recovery from injury takes longer.

    Also, the older the recruit, the shorter their potential time in. Recruit training is expensive, the forces need a return on their investment, a recruit that is only capable of serving for 3 years or so isn't that appealing.

    From the recruit's perspective, how would their pension work? They would be leaving with bugger all.

    Besides, people have a 16 year window in which to join, if it takes them longer than that to decide to join, they're probably not too sharp - or they're having a mid-life crisis, neither are ideal.
  4. I was told by a friend that the upper limit for the TA was 33. has it really been raised to 43?
  5. A 55 year old might be a bit to skakey to shoot straight espically if he had been in the army for long with drink and cigs.
  6. At 52 with all those years of alcohol abuse, late nights, ladyboys and pot noodles I can still shoot straight - but I need to pee a few times during the night!
  7. At 46 I'm not a wreck, run 3-5 miles per day and stay at a sprite 70kgs.

    Fit for something, I am still pondering over the RAuxAF

  8. Would it be ridiculous to move it to 40?

    Why not i know of a 40+ year old who has done tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, won a GC etc, His standard of fitness must be able to be achieved by other 40 year olds, so why not raise it to 40. Thing is who you going to get but ex-squaddies who miss the forces.

    50 well i think not, unless its back into a tank, then i wont have to run about anywhere :)
  9. I say let em join, at least that way some the Ptes would smell of piss because there old and not just because they dont wash.
  10. Good point there actually. :)
  11. If the limit is 33 now then with the old system of 22 years sevice then there going to be getting out at 55 anyway. With the introduction of V Eng with doing a possible minimum of 24 years service plus then we will have people in until well over 55(unless they cap it at 55 maximum).

    Looking around though on PT us over 35 year olds on average are still fitter than most the youngsters coming into the Army
  12. A young tom could walk away after 4 years, and a lot do, so I cannot see what difference it would make if a much older tom did.

    Yes the age was upped for the TA to 43 (2007DIN02-070)

    With regard to the poll, it looks like most are in favour of it, but then again, the people who have voted 'Yes' are probably civvies having a mid life crisis?

    As far as I'm concerned it could be a good thing, why not. I think 42 would be a good age as a cut off for the Regs.

    Me............I voted YES
  13. Why not just say you are 44? :twisted:
  14. He cant cos he is 45
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