The Unsung Workhorse

I found an old article about the RAF Wessex the other day.

The Unsung Workhorse

In my ignorance, I thought that after Hong Kong was handed back/over, the Wessex was no longer in service. WRONG!

The pre-sortie briefing was fairly lengthy, and would involve the Wessex operating over Louch Neagh. I was excluded from part of the briefing as certain sections were classified. Shortly after lift-off, the helicopter arrived over the Louch, and descended to extremely low level. There was no visibility with the naked eye, but with the NVG in place, even the dimmest light was clearly visible with a greenish hue. A smart yacht came into view, bristling with antennae. The Wessex formated with the vessel, with the wheels of the helicopter almost touching the aerials. The two craft remained in this low-level union for several minutes, before the helo departed, leaving the yacht to carry out its clandestine mission.

One of these perhaps?
The Wessex is a glorious beast, built like a brick sh1thouse, long may it fly.
Remember a navy Wessex picking two of us up from a foreward refueling point somewhere in Denmark, after our own lot had forgotten us.
Nice to see the Scout at HMS Tamer remeber getting 'lifts' down town on my two week exchange 'posting' from Brunei. Trip back next morning in a double decker over route 'Twisk'.
Alays said you could have sold that trip as a 'Fairground ' Attraction.

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