The Unriggable Vote

Some kookie stuff on this site but they might be on to something here: Bible Believers Newsletter

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is introducing a system that will identify a person's name with his or her body odor. Scientists have found that every person has a unique genetic body odor found particularly in their urine,  and that there are no two people alike.   If DARPA implements this plan, every American will have their name verified by their urine in a vast data base.
So here's the plan. You turn up on polling day, choose who you want to vote for and then p*ss on them. At the end of the day, a forensic team should be able to tot up the number of different 'unique genetic body odours' and hey presto, there's your tally and everyone feels better into the bargain!

Except the polly. :D
Brilliant, although I would not want to be the one to open the postal votes which have spent two weeks in transit from Iraq.
Nobody said democracy was going to be easy!

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