The Unkindest Cut of All. He he he.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by brummieboy1, Oct 14, 2011.

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  1. He probably is an ARRSEr seeing as most of the site's users at present are civilians.
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  2. You say that like it's a bad thing.
  3. It's a very bad thing indeed.

    Except for the civilian ladies who are not adverse to showing their guts to almost strangers from a military themed website.

  4. He's 35, so could be ex.
  5. So we aren't jailing violent criminals but we are going to possibly jail 'artistic' hairdresser!?! Hang the fuckadoodledo on a minute; Why wasn't the Belmer on a fuckin lead then? Where was his carer if he was such a spaz?
  6. How is it a bad thing? The large number of members helps keep the site alive as they rely on advertising to fund it (as well as donations) and if there were only a few hundred members would advertisers be interested in paying to advertise here?
    I don't see you donating to the upkeep of the site like some of us useless civvies? You can't expect the site to be free forever and at some point you could get your hand in your pocket and donate even a small amount to help towards running costs.
    And actually some of us did serve. Soon the armed forces will be so small this site will have just half a dozen serving and the rest will be former serving, walting cunts and squaddie cock hunters as well as mere civvies. (feel free to pick which one you think I am).

    And anyway, the barber can't be an Arrser or he'd have put 'tool' instead of 'fool'.
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  7. Are you sure with the spelling on here! :)
  8. And these civians you criticise? Do they include ex-military personnel or are you one of those persons who tarnishes all with the same brush?
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  9. Have you finished crying into your keyboard?

    No they don't include ex military personnel otherwise I would have stated that. I feel as if I may be tarnishing you next.
  10. If that guy was an arrser, he'd have shaved WINDOW LICKER, CUNT or MONG on to his head!!!
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  11. I don't think this barbers deed deserves jail time but I do think he's a tosser and he should be made to pay his victim a few hundred quid for what he did to him. The perpetrator is out of pocket and feeling pissed off because he had to give the other guy his money and the victim takes his money and flies off laughing to spain or portugal for a fortnight. That does it for me and that would be the last dodgy haircut he would give to anybody ever again, disabled or not disabled. Wanker!
  12. They're called Veterans not ex-military civilians ;-)
  13. I don't think that the Sweeney Todd who carried out this Act was an ex Bill Oddie. He would of engraved the word MLAAR & claimed the Windy Licker asked for it & was not supervised and of skiffed him before taking £60 off him.
  14. The mumbling spaker probably went in and said "an yer wite ool on't me yed Mr!"
    Easy mistake to make when dealing with an inarticulate Chav!