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The Unit

Some of the chaps were discussing this programme today.I'd never heard of it.From what I can see,it is a septic version of Ultimate Farce,but with worse acting (is that possible?)
Anyone seen it?,should I bother with it?


Kit Reviewer
It's gash. It can't make its mind up if it's UF, 24 or Spooks and, as such, just becomes a completely pointless example of US TV. You're lucky if you get an explosion in an episode. At least Farce has gunfights.
what a load of guff saw one episode and that was enough

there was more action in an episode of Soldier Solder I caught the end of on Men and Motors one night fer fecks sake
truly bizarre mixture of ultimate farce and desperate housewife's.
CO's shagging the mad redneck's slapper of a wife.
SNCO wife is a huge heifer so realism there :twisted:
bit like we will add what henno and his mates other half's get up to while the boys are out zapping bad guys.
so that will be
alcoholism sleeping around and breaking mirrors :roll:
writers must be on some serious drugs.
this episode team stuck in beruit surrounded by bad guys injured oppo having to do surgery on said oppo on kitchen table.
cut to slag stopped going on the game by possie of wives BUT OH NO HER CARS BEEN TOWED :?

plus points delta heroically shoot unarmed teenager in the back nobody heard of plasticuffs then :?

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