The Union Jack - UK Charities ashamed of flying the colours!

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Gundulph, Jan 6, 2010.

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  1. I had a bit of banter tonight with a certain UK Charity who are helping our Forces in certain ways, they appeared worried about using the Union Jack on any of their fund raising products!


    They put up their latest product to help raise funds, a t-shirt with a basic design, when I mentioned it would look really good with a UJ somewhere on the design I was answered with:

    "It would look good but could be hijacked for political issues. We as a charity are totally non political"

    The British Soldier has fought and died protecting the colours through the centuries yet it appears charities that have formed recently to help the Armed Forces are worried about depicting our colours in case they offend extremists and Anti-British people in our OWN Country! many in ARRSE don't agree with certain things our brothers across the pond do, but By God they know how to fly their flag/their colours, proudly and with honour!

    If a charity starts up in the name of UK Armed Forces then it should not be scared to fly the flag and to stand up and be counted as a 'British' Charity!
  2. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Combat Stress don't seem to have that problem:

  3. It beats me why any of them would have that problem! it sounded bizarre to me! 8O
  4. The charities executives are short sighted cnuts then, what exactly do they think that the forces stand for?

    Being British Soldiers, it's either the government or the country. The governments flag is a red rose that was stolen from the English, along with lies, some more lies, a few more lies and some lies on top OR the country whose flag is the Union Flag.

    When you become ashamed of the flag just because you have been stupid enough to associate it with a bunch of crackpots that have hijacked it, then it's time to step away as you have already lost.
  5. Getting a jack on to the t shirt should be ok but what about the ship and jack staff?
  6. Cracking set of pictures Gundulph, thanks for posting them.

    I am unable to comment on the reaction of the various charities as words fail me. :?
  7. " So fall in lads behind the drum,
    with COLOURS blazing like the sun
    on the road to come what may
    over the hills and far away"

    John Tam
  8. Well, years ago a black guy called me a racist because I was wearing a Union Jack patch on my jacket. I told him that it wasn't racist to wear the flag of my country on my jacket and that if he thought the flag of Britain was racist why was he in Britain. He continued to state I was a racist so I walked off...I did want to smash his teeth in, but then I would have been branded a NAZI. So it is possibly calls of racist/nationalism and attitudes such as the black black guy I mentioned that charities are trying to stay away from.

    Very sad state of affairs.
  9. Are you outraged?

    What it boils down to is many feel that showing the Union Jack will show them as racists or pro British. Both a big no no these days. We don't want to upset the ethnics do we? It's their country after all.
  10. Indeed. The solution, I suggest, is to use our national flags and to stop them being seen as the preserve of extremists. This doesn't happen anywhere else that I'm aware of. Now, if you want to be controversial, why did the Black Watch refuse to fly the Union Flag when they went up to al Amara a few years back?
  11. When we invaded Iraq on Telic 1 we were told we couldn't fly Union Jacks full stop as it made us look like invaders instead of liberators. Even though we did invade! Work that one out? 8O
  12. Yep, get teh flags up.

    Dear Councils.

    Get the fcuking Union Flag up the flag pole DAILY.

    Your Faithfully.

    Likewise encourage other buildings to fly the flag. by selling approved flags, with instructions on when to fly them added in.
  13. I agree. How often do we see the Union flag up? Generally only on special days. It should be flown outside of Police stations, government offices every day.
    I have a roll of small Union Jack flag stickers and where ever I go I stick one somewhere. If someone wants to call me a nationalist or even racist, then thats fine.
  14. Down here on the sub-tropical South Coast, the council flies the Union Flag in the square by the town hall, and at the ferry landing stage. The town may be toppers with assorted Chavs and other assorted Untermensch, but we do still have a fair few Union flags and ensigns of different types flown about the gaff.