The Union Jack Club, London.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by EX_STAB, Jan 26, 2008.

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  1. Yup, worked with an ex Signals bod who used it all the time. He liked it, and there is also a great restaurant called Thai Silk round the corner.
  2. i found it to be a very rank orientent place.. with officers and ors bars,,, and the same with rooms wierd....
  3. Stayed there a while ago. Everything that could be stolen from the room was bolted down.

    Bathrooms were full of graffiti & phone numbers of blokes looking to impale themselves on other blokes (and it was illegal then). I think it's open to civil servants too.

    There are some cheap and cheerful B&Bs in Sussex Gardens, near Paddington station that might be worth considering too.
  4. UJ club is perfectly ok.....I regularly visit when in London. The accomodation is adequate and the ONE bar is a pleasant place to drink.
  5. Sure you're not getting confused with the VSC? Those rooms were basic, though they're improving. No such snags with the UJ. Been a full member for eighteen years. I just wish they'd keep the bar open a bit longer.
  6. It was definitely the UJC. I've just had a look at their web site and it seems to have gone upmarket since I was there.
  7. Only one bar at the Union Jack, and rooms are not rank orientated!
    Rooms start at £33 (shared bathroom)

    I prefer the The Victory Services Club at Marble Arch, which is also for serving and ex-forces. Rooms are what you pay for.
    With most of the 'Old Club House' now being refurbished to En Suite.
    Rooms start at £28 (shared bathroom)
  8. I've heard it was p1ss orientated.

    The plumbers had to rip out the pipe work because of the eroding effects of uric acid going down the wash hand basins.
  9. Me...pi$$ in the sink? How VERY dare you.....

    The wardrobe, maybe..
  10. I remember my first argeant Major , when I was a Lance Jack, telling me that when he stayed there in the 1970's before it was torn down and rebuilt, that it was like a 19th century poor house.
    From my experience much, much better, but full of civies with dubious conections to any form of service. Agree with a previous comment, there is no rank biasis, everyone is treated like sh88TE :D
  11. UJC and VSC are both fine. Good for staying over when working in town on your own, but better deals can be found if 'accompanied'.
  12. Jarrod,

    The 'Quebec' has been a 'bottle of beer' boozer for over 35 years.

    Your post is rubbish. As if you wandered in on the 'off chance' FFS !

    It's tucked away in a mews off Seymour Street, W1. You are a knob jockey and you know this don't you.
  13. Don't tell the Aliens!!