The Union caves in - Postal Strikes cancelled


What a bunch of half-wits. Thank god they've been made to see sense. The days of the Unions trying to hold the country to ransom were over ages ago - why did these thick cnuts thick they could get away with it? They were marching themselves to the Guardroom and signing their own, or rather, those of their members, death warrants.

On the surface of it, it is a good thing, of course. But what shady deal have Mandy'sbum and McRuin struck with the Union leaders?
By the reports I've heard, the unions are happy with the outcome, and have promised to modenise. And a pig has just flown over my house.

Something's been thrashed out behind the backs of the negotiators...


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Or have they realised that the Union agreed to the Modernisation programme 2 years ago, a flash lawyer has spelt it out to them.

Union realises that the Royal Mail is now within its legal rights to release its employers for breach of employment contract and climbs down. However, here is the sweetner, Mandyfiddlebum says to CWU we will slow down the modernisation programme and prop up the profit margins by increasing Government subsidy if you continue to bankroll the Liarbour Party.

Or do I need my tin foil hat.............. :roll:

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