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I still don’t know how I did this, but about 6 months ago I was playing with my regular golf buddy, his boss and the company lawyer. Good place to make some good contacts. Well, I teed up the ball, adopted my best stance, and drove the bejesus out of my club.

I managed to drive the tee about 40 yards onto the fairway. Beautiful parabolic flight, dead straight. The ball, meanwhile, went about an inch vertically, and just dropped back to the ground where the tee had been. Ah bollox:)

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I can beat that, I actually hit the tee marker the ball rebounded nearly hit some poor sod stood behind and ended up about thirty yards behind the fecking tee!
”Would you like to play through”?
I played in a Corps Golf Society meeting at Littlestone*in Kent. In the afternoon Foursomes my partner toed his tee shot on a par 3, hit the concrete marker and bounced 20 yards behind the tee. I clouted a 3 iron to the back of the green and he sank an outrageous 30 yard hit and hope putt. Still reads "3" on the scorecard!

Apparently Asquith and Balfour were members and there was the unique situation of the PM being Club Sec and Leader of the Opposition as Club Captain according to an info board in the clubhouse.

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Europe retains The Solheim Cup. Nice not to lose it on American soil., some great golf tonight.
Well done ladies.
Can the men do what the women did?
Probably the strongest US team in Ryder cup history (on paper) and no Woods or Mickelson, which IMHO is an advantage for the USA pairings.
I hope to be proved wrong, but I think it will be a US win by 3 points.

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