The unimaginatively titled general cricket thread.

RAF win this year's proceedings, not a lot between all the side apart from the navy being really naff.
Seems each side had some key players missing from previous years (imho) but as usual a great day out. Including sunburnt knees.


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One ODI in the bag. One looks like it is on the way.
England on for a world record one day International score at Trent Bridge today. They are absolutely marmalising the Aussies. Yes, it may be a second string side, but it’s still the Aussies! Sweet. :grin:
481 for 6!
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England can throw this away.....


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It's what the crowd want. If England went out and bowled the Aussies out in ten overs, the fourth ODI would be watched by half a dozen coffin dodgers, dozing in their armchairs, support company of the barmy army and some old pikey looking for lead to nick.


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That was close....

Essentially there is nothing much wrong with the Aussies, but the total destruction Hales, Roy, Bairstow Morgan did was insurmountable.

Trent Bridge is always a batting wicket, but the ball still needs to be hit.
Must have been a great day to be a spectator, 700+ runs and 16 wickets.

Be greatfull I didn’t go as I was supposed to, it would have been raining all day!



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Well Australia had the same wicket we had to ban on. The difference was, we took our opportunities whereas the Aussies capitulated quicker than an Italian after a war declaration. Bloody good fun to watch.
Not exactly international standard, but a great place for a pitch.....:wink:

The sea is just beyond the cliffs in the background....
Is that in Cornwall? Looks familiar.
Just checking the County Championship scores and I see that Warwickshire are approaching half way to chasing down what would be the highest ever chase. 229-1 with Ian Bell on his third hundred in four innings.

Bell has found some serious form for the first time since England unceremoniously dropped him. He’s 36. Should England mess around with 30 year old journeymen like Malan and Stoneman when they’ve got a batsman of Bells quality and record in form in the CC?
Great finish to the fifth one day International. Buttler is just incredible!
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