The unimaginatively titled general cricket thread.

I have to admit culpability. It's my fault. Root and Malan were doing alright then I went for a shower and shave.
The rest, as they say, is history.
If it makes you feel any better, I went for a run at 70 odd for two, and got back home to find them 124 for 6.

What a shower of unmitigated sh1te. As someone said upthread, we should have brought them home when we went 3-0 down. They are truly embarrassing.
As someone said upthread, we should have brought them home when we went 3-0 down.
Thanks - a real boost to my self esteem, so early into the weekend! :grin:
Sorry. In my defence I was just back from my run and cba going back to find the quote!
No worries. I see the future of England Test Cricket is now out, after at least showing a bit of bottle - not a pop at Billings, but the whole ECB set up.
I have a lot of sympathy for this England team, thrown in to an Ashes series with no warm up games against an Australian side coming straight off Sheffield Shield games. And with Australia’s draconian lockdown rules when they first got here, England could only practice indoors.

Yes, there are huge issues with selection and coaching, but they really were on a hiding to nothing.

It’s surprised me how sympathetic the Aussie commentators have been; Ian Chappell was praising Ben Stokes today and saying it was inevitable it would take him 2-3 games to hit his straps.

The ECB needs to sort out tours so the team can prepare properly.
Can you access BBC Sounds out there?
If you can try and find
'Countdown to the Ashes'

A whole Trumpet blowing excercise, explaining just how F#ckin clever the Cn#ts are......
" The best prepared Ashes Tour in history"

Now, *covid excepted* and I realise it's a herd of elephants in the room.


Every white ball mercenary on the Planet has managed to carry on plying their trade.

The fact is, we sent a squad of players of whom all were first choice picks (Jofra excepted) to play on pitches and in conditions NOT unknown to those lads.....

Our selection was bafflingly naïve (can't wait for Jimmy's book)
Our Captain's known limitations have been cruelly exposed (and they want to pass it to Stokes FFS!)

I'm gonna have to stop my blood pressure is high enough, without watching Carey turn down a caught behind appeal only to be overturned on hotspot......

Imagine Rod Marsh giving us the benefit of the doubt???

Eyup Starcs just cleaned up Broad.

I'm Feckin out too.
Aside from Root, 34, number 10 Spin Bowler Nathan Lyon scored more than our top order with 31. What is the point of playing test cricket, we may as well play 20/20 style and put on a score?
That said, the Home Team seem determined to step on their appendages, in particular with the Eternal Captain apparently still being acting as if he’s in charge …

Let’s see if Warner’s sore hand impedes his batting again …
“Opener”, eh? What a farkwit … should’ve played by proxy!