The unimaginatively titled general cricket thread.

Maybe this is a late 1 April press release? If not, good call, Brad Hodge.

'England is shaking things up with its new domestic competition The Hundred and the changes keep coming.

'The tournament — which goes even further than T20 by limiting teams to just 100 balls per innings — will change the name of “wickets” to “outs”, in a bid to simplify the sport’s terminology and attract new fans, as reported by UK publication The Telegraph. It’s a revolution that’s too tough to digest for some cricket traditionalists, who may already be sceptical about the radical overhaul to established rules for the tournament’s inaugural edition later this year. Former Australian star Brad Hodge gave a blunt appraisal on Twitter. “This is s**t,” he said.

'Sports writer Glenn Moore added: “As a lifelong cricketer I think the idea of calling wickets ‘outs’ [for the Hundred] is patronising and dumb. But does it make cricket more accessible? If so, should tennis do away with 15-15, love, deuce and all that sets and games nonsense Should golf dump birdies and bogies? My personal view is no. The lexicon of a sport is part of what it makes it distinctive, part, even, of its attraction. The more you learn the more you become an insider, it is like a rewards system. Simplifying something doesn’t always make it better.”



Same stuff in the Times. Ten ball overs and a big screen counting down the balls. If it gets more folks interested in the game then fine otherwise it will end up like T20, with a good excuse for an evening p**s up and the onfield stuff incidental.