The Uniform Maketh The Man

D’you know those questions we get about whether or not someone should don uniform to their son’s wedding, well how about when appearing at family court?


Dressed in a Nazi uniform, Heath Campbell marched into a New Jersey courthouse to petition a family court judge to allow him to see his youngest son.

NJ DYFS officials had already placed Heinrich Hons Campbell's older siblings – Adolf Hitler Campbell, 7, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell, 6, and 5-year-old Honzlynn Jeannie Campbell – in foster care because of the alleged violence in the family's Holland Township, N.J. home.
Nazi-Naming Dad Fights for Right to See His Son | NBC 10 Philadelphia

Ein Reich, Ein Volk, Ein smack in the mouth for not completing your Lego gas chamber before bedtime.


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As a Campbell I would have thought he would have formed a broken square.
Dear oh Lord.

That haircut alone would have earned him a one way ticket to Sachsenhausen under the 1000 year Reich...


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daddy i would just like you to meet my new boyfriend .......
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