The Undisbutable World Heavyweight of.....Crisps?

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by Ondy, Jul 19, 2008.

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  1. Walkers

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  2. Hula Hoops

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  3. Smiths Scampi Frys

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  4. Pringles

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  1. In the world of snacks which do you say is the king of crisps? It started out as a friendly chat down the pub, and before you know it, a controversial debate had bloomed, so i bring it here where we can put up our dukes on this issue without fear of being told 'well you smell like a wosit an all ye fat b**tard!'

    Edit: Bugger, Hit the submit button by error should of been more choices, ah well.
  2. English, mother fucker, do you speak it?
  3. pringles launched and won a courtcase recently to prove that they are not a crisp
  4. Bastage, now I look like a twat :)
  5. I prefer the new Pringle infusions to the originals.

    Last night I tried multigrain hoola hoops - even better than the originals too and don't sharpnel yer gums as badly either!!!

    The cheese and onion are simply superb!!! :D
  6. Sorry i had a muppet momment with the keyboard. :roll:
  7. The other options would have been Skips, Discos, Doritos oh an McCoys
  8. Discos!
  9. Heitheba

    Salt n Vinegar Discos!!! Made the sweat pop out on yer forehead - forgot about them!!!

    Bacon Fries were good but they used to come back on ye.

    Scampi Fries were good but forget about pulling if ye'd been noshing them.
  10. salt and vinegar discos where good
  11. For me im going to Nice n Spicey Nik Naks, but Salt & Vinegar Discos are good, too many and your tongue goes sore. :p
  12. Does anyone remember mild curry and hedgehog flavour crisps? Lush!

    Sparky, big hittin cheese 'n' onion flava are the dogs 8)
  13. Yeah Ondy - wiped out yer tongue they did.

    So do Twiglets - and I don't mean the Gwaars, well they do too I suppose.

    I think I've opened up a can of worms......
  14. I remember them, aimed at the veggies or something werent they?
  15. Yeah I remember them!!! Raspberry flavour etc ring any bells fi the 70's?

    Cheese n onion flava - yummy :D

    Had some Flamin' Hot Monster Munch once on winter pigeon outing - didny need hexy!!! But not bad.