The Undercover Soldier - BBC1

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by 8952craig, Sep 18, 2008.

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  1. Is anybody else watchin this programme while getting more and more annoed at it! Some chopper undercover reporter up at ITC Catterick doing his best to make the army look bad!
    :x It really annoys me that people are allowed to show this kind of crap on the telly, guys are out putting their life on the line and some twat changes the whole public image, once again the british media going overkill on the army just to get the ratings! :x

    So far he hs moaned tht bayonet fighting can be intimidating - what do you expect?? He is now moaning about locker layout, and was earlier complaining at being made to do press-ups - get a f*cking grip!! Do people not realize the infantry form the main part of the 'frontline' out in places like afghan - they need to be robust and resilient else it just isnt going to work is it!

    :x In my opininion this reporter just needs a good shoein!! :x

    Any comments??
  2. GET A f*** ING GRIP!!!

    Oh dear, we had a change parade.
    Oh dear the nasty Sargeant shouted at me.
    Oh dear someone punched an NCO and got punched back.

    This is one brave lad because the rest of his platoon will be looking for him.

  3. A Corporal shook me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Your licence fee has paid for this utter cunt to do this, folks.
  5. poor boy next he will be claiming against the mod ahhhhhhhhhhhhh people like this grip my sh**
  6. Oh dear I was shaken by my helmet straps :x

    The current Mrs Mattmo has had to go and do the washing up in disgust
  7. All it shows is nothing. A few will salivate and get ready to write reams to the Guardian, most people who have actually kept their brains from day one, will yawn and ignore. A piece of programming brought to you by an organisation so far up its own arrse, that its lost reality with the rest of the country.

    If its in flavour,the BBC will lick it.
  8. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Seems a fair amount has been as a result of weapon handling. Given that they're a tad DANGEROUS, I think if someone is sloppy with a weapon they deserve a slap...
  9. What a load of b0llocks and 'none' story being dressed up to make it look serious. Hope this cnut gets prosecuted, surely he broke some laws when he signed up under false pretences??? :x
  10. this really is desperate tv. Try it's best to make something out of nothing. Complete media shite.
  11. How dumb are some of those recruits? I want to grab their necks myself.
  12. Does this prick not realize that many guys pass out of training and almost go straight out there!! if guys fuxk around they need sorting out - u cnt pssy foot around when potentially 6months later the gus in training could be out alongside mates of the cpls? Really am gettin the arse wit this!
  13. Yeah but throwing a pace stick at that kids head and paralysing him......... Sweet
  14. I wonder how this Journo type would react under fire in the Sandy places. Good job he aint going, if I were any where near him in the sand he would be getting a 3-5 round burst, followed by feeling the tip of my bayonet thrust sharply in an upwards motion!!!!

  15. Wake me up when they get to the bullying part of the programme ....
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