The Ultimate way to watch Saving Private Ryan!

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Shorncliffe_Rifles, Aug 14, 2009.

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  1. Hi all,

    I work for an AV Custom Install company and I have just just experienced the future.

    We sell a thing called the D Box chair which mimics the movement and special effects (expolsions, etc) on screen. It just doesn't just vibrate, it really follows the action. In the landing craft at the start of the film aas they land on Omaha beach, it rolls and pitches in time with the waves. We have this simulator bolted onto a sofa and it is absolutely awesome.

    As for watching other action films such as Master and Comander, you feel the roll of the ship and the shudder of the broadside. In car chases you almost get whip lash!

    Don't ask me the price it's not cheap, but for you millionaire ex servicemen who are into your films - why haven't you got it!

    If Cinemas latch onto this in the future, watching films will be unbelievable.

    Sorry to go, but I've just come off the beach at Omaha and had to tell someone!

    I'll let you know when we take it on the road for a demo.

  2. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    What does it do when you watch a porn film :?
  3. Where does it take its input feeds from? I doubt they were recorded in 97 when we made SPR.
  4. LOL I'll let you know. maybe the upgrade comes with a hoover attachment
  5. And preferably a Dyson.
  6. I believe they watch the film and program an audio track which the processor translates from the encoding on the disk. I know on a lot of Blurays they have this information on them, whilst DVD's need to be uploaded to the processor manually.

    They also have a racing car version that is so realistic Motor Racing schools use it for drivers to learn the circuits. We have one on demo and they have the Top Gear course and if you think you could beat Jay Kay forget it! LOL The lunch hour gets extended each day!
  7. You experience the explosions also 8O so it's kind of a first time/only ever time use then? one film containing explosions of any sort and you and your fandangled all singing all dancing seating contraption are history!

    Nice, I will look out for one of them :wink:
  8. We did a demo with a client who watched the US version of the Italian Job whilst holding a cup of coffee.

    Really don't drink and drive (or watch) LOL. He loved it