The ultimate video game!

I generally like Derren Brown but that seems a bit of a dangerous thing to do to someone, there is now way I would have let him do that to any of my mates.Surely that must leave some kind of mental scar,scaring the siht out of him, then him coming away enjoying it?
that is seriously fcuked up! There have got to be ethical issues about doing something like that. Unless of course it was all a set-up for TV...
probably gonna be berated for admitting it, but i really like derren brown (wanky spelling of the name though)
i find his stuff pretty clever as i love the way he can get into peoples mind byreading their body language/tone of voice. i remember a programme he made called messiah where he went to america and passed himself off as several types of psychic bod. totally managing to debunk the myth that cos people can tell you things they would never know, they must be talking to the dead. another one to look out for is an american called marc salem. this guy worked for the FBI &CIA as a criminal psychologist, an expert in body language. he does the same kind of thing as derren brown and has the credentials to back up his skills. i saw this guy telling people what they had written on bits of card, without them speaking, while he was blindfold, numbers tricks and mind tricks. fascinating skills
The funniest thing I saw was Derren Brown going to the Walthamstow dogs, picking up a losing ticket and taking it to the counter saying "This is the winning ticket" (a bit like "These aren't the droids you're looking for") and got a pay out for it.
He admitted he had been banned from most Casinos at one point in his life.
I've got a lot of respect for Derren and believe that its all real,the minds a powerful thing that we don't fully understand,just reckon that was going to far as I said we don't really know everything about the brain.
This is of course all real.

I once induced catatonia in my penis with tequila, but otherwise, lacking sulpiride to shove down this cnuts throat, it'd be difficult.
Good example of mind manipulation; suicide bombers, the basic human instinct is self survival, I appreciate people also commit suicide but they are a minority so unless you think all suicide bombers are actually manic depressives I would put it down to mind manipulation from someone.
Not really conclusive evidence backing Derren up, but worth a thought especially if you take into account the effort he puts into using subliminal messages to get his end result.
That was class!!! Would've been funnier if the guy they chose turned out to be a complete fruitcake, and either started beating the sh*t out of the extras, or curled up into a ball and started crying.
I wonder if real... How a squaddy would have gone about that. Or how much they would have looked like cnuts if he started butt stroking the fcuk outta them!!!

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