The Ultimate, Sensitive Squaddie.

He does'nt sniff his fingers after frigging his girl.

He tells his Dad that he's been in a fight, when he comes home, face covered in blood after giving his girl a bit of tongue and she forgot to mention she was On. :lol:

He doesn't tell his mates that his Boss likes it Doggy style with her hat on, after he screwed her on detachment in Norway.

Any more?
Farts but doesn't follow through.

Tells you if he's swamped the bed before you get in.

Flushes after pebbledashing or crimping out a line (after calling you to admire it of course!).

Wipes his bell end on a w@nk sock rather than your uniform.
When he goes outside for a cigarette with a girl, doesn't come back in five minutes later claming he's shagged her up the arrse in the alleyway.
He (or she to be politically correct) does things, get's away with them and then earns the LSGC - receiving it with a smile and a wink to the lads, as he walks away! :twisted:

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