The ultimate SBE

For people who have seen my post in Red Wings I commited what i think is the ultimate school boy error leaving myself logged on to arrse when i left the room leaving myself open to user name abuse.

Anyone else got any SBE stories
Rocketeer said:
That's your excuse , is it?... a ' former' best friend used [ abused] your ARRSE access?
sad but true i was abused and now i feel dirty but enough about me i need some other SBE posts to take the pressure off me :oops: :oops:
No no lets all revel in your stoopid school boy error and just reiterate the fact thats its a long tour and i reckon this wont be the last time your arrse is abused.. Take it like a man!!!!! Or pay a visit to the paras mess and get a lesson first!!
we've all had our arrse exposed before but only the truly stupid does it more than once, i'm sure you've certainly learnt a valuble lesson, keep a tight control on your arrse access..

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