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Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by stevied, Sep 29, 2011.

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  1. Hi all,

    I was watching an unrelated programme on TV the other night and caught a glimpse of someone I had forgotten all about. RSM Britain or Britten? The Coldstream Guards chap. I never met him but I did read his autobiography. He called his wife corporal and had his rank on his pyjamas which he readily admitted to. He was at some Royal wedding or other in the programme. He was before my time( sixties) but I was wondering if anyone knows if his book is still around.

    Cheers Steveied ex REME.
  2. It's still possible to get hold of a copy (link below) but I read the book ages ago and although obviously meant to show the RSM in a good light, I finished the book not having that good an impression of him, or of the book for that matter.

    I'm sure the Brigade of Guards has produced much finer RSMs.

    The last paragraph was a straight crib from the ending of 'Goodbye Mr Chips'.

    RSM Brittain
  3. Thanks Tawahi-50, maybe what I meant was archetypical RSM. The one who we imagine all the old ones were. I thought he was barking mad personally buts thats just me. Will check the link.
  4. Just ordered it!
  5. Ultimate R.S.M.?

    Got ot be RSM John Lord, 3rd Battalion, The Parachute Regiment?

    After well and truly having an horrific time at at Arnhem 1944, he went on to organise, and therefore save countless lives and not to mention the self-esteem, of many (1st Airborne and other poor bastards who had been there since Dunkirk) POW's in the Vatherland.

    His importance has been mentioned by many POW veterans.
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  6. Can only comment on ones I have known .......... Nobby Arnold [Para Regt] does it for me.
    Bert Blyth [RM] comes a close second.
  7. My Father was jailed by RSM Brittain in the Early 1950's for 7 days. He found a Pube in his locker on an Inspection. He was the scariest RSM in the Army in those days and ruled with a rod of Iron. My Father was RAMC at Keogh in Ash Vale but Brittain shared his high standards everywhere and took no prisoners and had high standards all around Aldershot and was feared by all units. My Father once remarked he had the loudest voice in the British Army.
  8. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    He might not rank quite so highly as an RSM (I was terrified of him at RMAS) but a certain Scots Guards fellow can now oft be seen gracing our screens, sometimes showing our pretend PM that being able to shake the booty isn't enough when a wee lass needs some carols sung.
  9. My Dad recons Brittain had a voice that could stop a tank at half a mile. For me the epitomy of an RSM came in the form of MW "Mick-the-shit" Wischhausen RRF & GB "Spunky" Moss, Queens. To this day I have the greatest respect for the pair of them. By the time I left the Army the art of man management had been eroded by a culture of political correctness & "yes" men which bore little resemblance to the Army of their Era.
  10. Every Christmas, watching "55 Days at Peking" , my dad (a National Service cadet at Mons) on seeing Britten, would chuckle, shake his head and mutter "nutty as a fruitcake".
  11. For anyone who knew him, RSM Jim Bunton of the Scots Guards always epitomised the rank. He was also featured in the Army Drill manual when he was but a lowly L/Sgt.
  12. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Nutty Tam in Arborfield took some beating.
  13. Continuity? :)
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  14. RSM Bowen of the Welsh Guards was the nastiest, scariest, horrible, most efficient and organised RSM in the Guards Divsion of the 80s.

    He once reported a LSgt with his wife shopping in Knaphill, near Pirbright, wearing "the devil's cloth" (jeans) when the LSgt should have been in shirt and tie.

    His mentor was RSM W Davis of the Irish Guards who was even scarier!
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  15. John Lord was RSM 3 Para at Arnhem. His original unit was the Coldstream Guards. After the war he was RSM Staff College Camberley then the Academy RSM until his retirement.

    Having served with RSM Nobby Arnold in 3 Para & in Depot Para, I remember him telling me that his mentor & inspiration, was in fact RSM John Lord.

    So that does it for me! Lord gets my vote!
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