The ultimate re-trade letter


everyone i need advise writing, maybe one of the most important letter's of my life !!!!

want to tre-trade from driver to mover rlc

need to know what to include and what to leave out!!!!!!!!!!
who to post it to and who not to ??????

trp staffie or sgt major or troppie or oc or 2 ic ,trp sgt??????!!!!!!!
any advise would be appreciated


You could try and demonstrate your ability to write a few sentences that are spelling, grammer and punctuation error free!

However, you could also book an interview with your OC via Tp comd and explain why you should be allowed to re-trade, what strengths you have that the Movers need, what weaknesses you have as a driver that make you unsuitable to remain in the Dvr CEG, do you have the necessary intelligence rating* (*It's called something else but I can't remember) to become a Mov Con? Their course is heavily classroom orientated because of the sheer weight of international legislation that has to be understood and interpreted to move pax and equipment.

Also, ask for a detachment to a Mov Con Regt. These things sound fine over a few beers in the Bar, but often, the reality is different and not as thought. Yes Move Cons travel a lot, but a lot of time is also spent getting bored and skint in overpriced hotels abroad where they often feel totally out of place. I also understand that they are on repetitive ops.

Bottom line is you need to pursuade the Army that your talents are being wasted as a Driver and that you have much more to offer the Army as a Mov Con. It's not about what the Army can do for you - it's about what you can do for the Army!

Good luck!
How you getting on? If you want, pm your draft letter to me and i'll view it. Good Luick.

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