The Ultimate Personality Test

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Acid_Tin, Jan 12, 2005.

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    Ladies - form an orderly line... :D
  2. You are really bored and have no clerk jobs to do or.... you've been forced to have a day off from your clerk jobs? :D
  3. That means that based on the standard measure of personality traits, you have a quiet determination and sharp mind — you're very focused and buckle down when it comes to work. You are the type of person one looks to in a crisis. While others may provide emotional support in a situation, your clear and logical thinking allows you to solve the problem at hand.

    You may be firm, but your actions are generally fair. You believe in putting in the work and don't expect favors to get ahead. Additionally, you want objective feedback to determine your success. You are a careful thinker and get all the details before making any decisions. You don't jump to conclusions and stick with the facts provided. In other words, you're the go-to person for the real story, not the spin or gossip. While others may sometimes see you as stubborn, they begrudgingly respect your ethics and straightforward approach.

    Yeah baby, the rock star part of you is all Beck. Women are enthralled by your seductive energy, a perfect mix of intrigue and poetry. You and Beck have got it all together because you're unafraid to say exactly what's on your mind, and let everyone in on your quirky point of view. Intellectual and sexy, you continually dodge conventional stereotypes with your eclectic personal style. But when you really break it down, it's just your great sense of humor and easygoing talent that makes the crowds go wild. Throw a fiesta, and inspire your inner Beck.

    Your sexual personality is determined by your sexual persona (Omega), 4 sexual scales (Emotional/Physical, Look/Touch, Daring/Modest, Verbal/Non-verbal), and your libido score (10).

    As an Omega, you are someone who feels sexy, looks sexy, and really knows the ropes when it comes to lovemaking. Your sex appeal is more overt than others and your sexual confidence and awareness are particularly high.

    Who cares if she's married to Brad Pitt? Jennifer Aniston is meant for you! This warm, happy-go-lucky California girl always looks good, and her goofy sense of humor makes her approachable, too. With her friendly ways and comfortable style, she's got the appeal of a girl next door — or maybe an all-American sorority sister. Since you're into attractive, fun-loving women who enjoy being pampered and taken care of, that makes her just your speed. Sure, she may have a little attitude, but she is a big star. Her spontaneous nature and sexy looks make up for occasional holier-than-thou posing. And that endearing vulnerability she occasionally lets the world see completely melts your heart. Enjoy — not just anyone scores this special "friend."

    Hehehehehe got a bit carried away
  4. Here we are then:

    So there we go.
  5. RTFQ


    Me too!

    [/quote] RTFQ, you're a Skydiver!

    You're open minded, extroverted, free-spirited, and independent. Chances are you're pretty liberal. You're like a magnet for love and affection. People adore you. And, thanks to that healthy dose of self-confidence, you're super-flexible.

    Chances are, you're a great leader at work. You're also a self-starter and will always volunteer to take on a job. You're also an excellent communicator and tend to spread your enthusiasm to others.

    And that's just scratching the surface!

    It also says: RTFQ you're a mong with computers and can't even use Quote Tabs.
  6. Right-o, I'll get me coat!
  7. Total and utter bollocks.
  8. All right girls, form a queue please :twisted:
  9. RTFQ


    Out of interest, did anyone get a bad review, like:

  10. I'm an observer apparently, mind you, I think its all bo**ox!
    Now where's my ghillie suit and spotting bins? :wink:
  11. I'm a poet (Alledgedly) - couldn't be arrsed to cut and paste 8O

  12. OK, so how come it keeps turning to shyte then? :lol: :D :) :( :cry:

    Maybe should stop being drunk at the wheel :roll:
  13. I'm a Chosen One! Well, thats buggered up my never volunteer policy :evil:
  14. F_C, you're a Politician!

    Your personality is actually determined by two personality sub-types - your primary, or dominant sub-type, and your secondary sub-type. You are a Politician which means you are a Success / Golden Your primary sub-type is defined by "Success" characteristics and your secondary sub-type is defined by "Golden" characteristics.

    That means you're forceful, innovative, and popular with the masses. Chances are you aggressively pursue your goals, and you enjoy impressing people. You've always been surrounded by friends and loved ones and have a natural sense of showmanship.

    How do we know all this? How do we know that you're perfect for any work that requires personal interaction? How could we have divined that you would never say anything that offends anyone — at least to their face?

    Because while you were taking the test, you answered four different types of questions — questions that measured confidence, apprehension, willingness to take risks, and your focus on experience versus appearance — the primary traits that determine your personality. Based on your responses, we determined your personality type, Politician.

    Oh shit, I'm gonna have to go kill myself now, any ideas?
  15. "you're a Secret Agent!

    You're a smart, shrewd loner. Chances are although you prefer solitude; you're a deeply caring person full of energy and ideas. On a personal level, you're sensitive. You may worry too much about how you compare to others, and your mood suffers under such intense personal scrutiny.

    You like to eat lunch at your desk. You also have a critical eye that assures your final product is always top rate"

    Another way of saying neurotic perfectionist LOL