The Ultimate Facebook Walt Group!

Hmmm... 723 members...

That's about the whole regiment then... Lotta gals there too... :wink:
shots_in said:
cant get face book at work can you do a bit of cut and paste magic ?
Go on, then ....... I'm feeling charitable.

It's something like this:

S.A.S. "Who Dares Wins"

Organizations - Professional Organizations

The Special Air Service Regiment (SAS) is the principal special forces unit of the British Army. A small and secretive institution, it sometimes attracts a disproportionate amount of media coverage.

The SAS forms part of the United Kingdom Special Forces, alongside the Special Boat Service (SBS), Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR), and Special Forces Support Group (SFSG). The SAS is the oldest special forces unit in the world, and today serves as a model for similar units fielded by other countries, ranked by many as the best Special Forces unit in the world. It traces its existence back to 1941, when British Army volunteers conducted raids behind enemy lines in the North African Campaign of WW II. Their motto is "Who Dares Wins"

etc ................
i've got a "fake" facebook profile for when i'm feeling a bit devious :twisted: but i'm stuck for ideas, anyone's brain working better than mine on this????
You could fill up your "fake" profile with warry pics, claim to actually be on of THEM genuinely interested in the walts training etc. etc., and let them dig themselves a hole?
oh the profile already has loads of "tempting" pics ( female) so would probably have to go for the "ooh i think SAS guys r so hot" approach. then see what they say. sound okay???
Johan wrote at 12:17 yesterday
Hello members, I have just watched the program SAS: survival secrets, I became really intrested in the episode Behind enemy lines. Anyone beleives or knows if its very realistic like the tactics equiptment are still used today. I have seen that today the SAS and UKSF are using the C8, in the survival secrets they uses m16 and minimi. Probably cause they were active during the 80/90s. Also does anyone know how they were allowed to sgow that tv program since it shows alot of secret things?

Some mongs on that group. Where's 49 Para when needed?
i've started the infiltration, slow and steady. need some more ideas!

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